Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simplicity 1805 "Simply beautiful"

Good evening everyone!!!

I am at home with the kids asleep in bed, unwinding from a LONG, productive day.  My unwinding usually consists of a warm cup of tea, a small plate of dessert, and soft music or just a TV on for background noise.  Now that I am relaxed and typing...

Remember Simplicity 1805 from my last post?

Well, I think I recall saying there were only two pattern pieces (there are actually three), but that I would probably find a way to mess up even this SIMPLE pattern.  I confess. I did exactly that.

 The first time I attempted this shirt I cut up my gorgeous Maggy London Ponte Knit in Cream.  Everything was coming along well until I decided to make some adjustments.  You know, my usual square shoulder here, forward shoulder there deal.  I got stuck adjusting for a forward shoulder while sewing a dolman sleeve; however,  I thought I was a genius when I realized I could just move the seamline.  So I did.

When I tried the size S shirt on, it was much too big.  I knew then I should have sized down to an XS. No problem, I just adjusted everything the necessary amounts, only I forgot about the neckline. Which lead to this:

Left: Neckline BEFORE
Right: Neckline AFTER (noticeable gaping with movement)

I re-did the neckline four times, and just could not get it to sit right.  If I stand perfectly still, it looks great.  But when I move, you could definitely see the neckline pull away.  So, I ended up letting it go...

And instead, I tried my luck with an ITY knit I've had in my stash for a couple of months now.  This one is also from Fabricmart Fabrics.  It was a little slippery to work with, but my walking foot made things easier.

Let me tell you...this top is wonderful!!!  Not only is it simple to make--it is beautiful to wear! Hence, I like to call it "simply beautiful."  Wearing this made me realize I need more pairs of dress pants to round out my wardrobe.

S1805 Info

I sewed a size XS.  If you sew this, go with a size smaller than what you usually wear.  You can always grade the waist seams, but trust me, you want to size down for this one.

For adjustments, I only did a 1/4" square shoulder, and it fits me well.  I will probably drop my forward shoulder adjustment unless I sew more fitted woven garments.  It doesn't seem necessary.

For construction, I continued my serging efforts, and finished most of my top with it. Here are some "inside" photos for this one:

I followed the neckline instructions for this pattern, but I did not interface the band.  Also, my shoulder seams are stabilized with Easy Knit Tape.  Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this for beginners, and anyone looking for an easy, gratifying sew.

I will definitely sew this top at least one more time, because it is worth it!!  When my husband saw me in it, he said "Wow! It looks designer, like a real top!" He even requested more of this one!  Now that is a request I don't mind honoring.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Your top is gorgeous. I hate a gaping neckline too.

  2. I like. Your husband sounds like my husband but he is right- it does look great. I must check out knit tape. ..

  3. LOL @ "like a real top" haha

    It does look great and so do you!

  4. Neck gaping... sad face. 2nd top... sooo perfect! I love you little tag inside, too. I need to get something like those to sew in my stuff. I love the print on the top. It looks so good on you

  5. Thanks, everyone! This is definitely a new favorite!!

  6. Wow Vanessa! I love that top! The fit is great and the print is really versatile! Way to stick it out :)

  7. It is most certainly a beautiful top!

  8. Very cute top Vanessa! I love, love, love the fabric. It looks so good on you. Definitely honor that request...even if it means going out and buying new fabric. A SMALL plate of dessert...if only I could stick to that...I love desert! Nice work on your new top!

  9. The sleeve length is great for this time of year. That fabric looks familiar. I have to say I admire the name tag.

  10. I like this top A LOT. I think your husband is exactly right!

  11. Your top is beautiful,you look great in it, well done. Lorrain


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