Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Re-cap & October Plans

Hello everyone!

I hope this weekend finds you well!  I am actually on a camping trip with my family, but I wanted to talk about what I am up to for October.

As you know, I am a planner, but I go with the flow in executing those plans.  Because of that, I don't think I've ever done any re-caps of things I have sewn during a particular month.  Let's just face it--I'm not that productive!  So please humor me as I  remind you of my September sewing.  There are only two garments I completed (and a particular pair of jeans that remain unfinished), but I'm still gonna celebrate it!

Here they are:

Left: Vogue 8536
Right: Simplicity 1805
My Vogue 8536 top has been worn once already!  I wore it to a kid's birthday party, and I felt good in it.  I didn't get any compliments on my shirt, but I did have someone tell me I looked great, so that counts, right?

I really love Simplicity 1805, but I want a pair of dress pants to go with it.  I'll have to do some peeking into my closet to see if I can come up with a good solution.  Dress pants are on my "to sew" list, though I know if I don't finish my jeans soon, I will not get to them so my dress pants will wait a bit.

But the part I am excited about is this:

I've knocked two items off my Fall sewing list!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is sooooooo big for me!  In fact, I am cleaning my closet out so that I can create a special place for my new pieces.  The best part is, I am loving all of my newest acquisitions, and they are things I WILL wear!

That brings me to my thoughts for October.  Now, let me just tell you, I am going to put it all out there, and we'll see how it all ends up when I re-cap October sewing next month.  Here goes:

Simplicity 1805, per special hubby request.  I want to try this again with a ponte knit.

Simplicity 1916 Wrap Top.  I don't know if I even have a fabric picked for this one yet, but I want to sew at least one of these (maybe two).

Mccalls 6844 Cardigan.  I plan on sewing one for sure, with possibly adding more colors if I really like it.

AND definitely finishing Mccalls 5894 Bootcut Jeans!  They are not as hard as I am making them (I think). Though I did need a breather because I was getting overwhelmed.  Now that I have had a done so, I am ready to go forward full force.

If by chance I finish everything here, I have plenty of items I can add into the mix.  But the BIG factor for me would be pulling together an entirely ME MADE outfit.  So, that is what I am focusing on in order to finish out the month of October--after I get back from camping, that is!!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Good idea to do a recap, and you should be proud of the two tops you made. You do look great in both of them. You are going to be a very busy lady during October - mmmmmm let me see if I can keep up with you!!!

  2. I love that you did a recap; what a good idea! You should be proud of your 2 finished items-they look fantastic!

  3. You can do it! Just think of your October recap!

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  5. You look great in both of your beautiful tops. Love them!

  6. Camping. *shudder* You're a good one! My idea of camping is sitting at home with the heat on and a cup of tea. See where I'm going (or not going)? =)

    I love your fall plans!

  7. What a great idea to do a recap. You look great in both tops. I also need to start making dress pants, too. I just don't know which pattern to try first.

  8. Both tops look great, and the recap was a super idea ~ your wardrobe is going to be overflowing with great tops very soon ... J

  9. I think two items in a month is actually pretty great considering all the effort you've put in to fitting the jeans. Wouldn't an entire me-made outfit be amazing?

  10. Your planning is very interesting. I've got to rethink my plans to include the holidays.


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