Friday, May 7, 2010

My new best friend

Ode to my seam ripper

Seam ripper, seam ripper,
Where have you been?
I thought I could sew it,
but need you again.
To tear out the stitching
I thought I had right,
To make a correction,
Is that the eighth time?

If only my sewing
was simply perfection,
I wouldn't need you,
my little obsession.
To rip and to tear,
with none of my might,
So I can re-sew,
and FINALLY get it right!

BTW, I am still at work on my daughter's dress.  It is coming together, but I have used the seam ripper way too many times!  Hence, a poem to freshen the day of anyone else who has become best friends with their seam ripper!

Stay sew-filled!

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