Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first infant dress

Happy Mother's Day!

My day has been beautiful so far.  My husband took the kids and let me sleep in, and later I was awakened to breakfast in bed!  Then, my son shouted "Happy Mother's Day!"  I also got the best card ever from my hubby, with some money to go shopping.  My son made a little tote with his handprints at his school that is gorgeous! After we went to church today, we all went to Joann's fabric store, and I picked up some more sewing goodies.  So, needless to say, I am on cloud nine, and I feel sew-filled!

I did FINALLY, and yes I said FINALLY, finish the dress for my daughter!  I have been working on this dress all week long!  For some reason, patterns marked "easy" are just not as "easy" for me!  Here is the dress (Butterick 3782):

I can't decide whether or not I like the pleats on the front.  I think it is cute, I am just concerned about how the pleats will stay in their form when my daughter wears the dress and plays.  Speaking of wearing it, I was so excited when I was done sewing it, that I was a little surprised that it is still a little too big for her.  I think she needs at least two or three months before it will fit.  Other than that, it really is pretty.  I will post pictures of her in the dress when it fits.

Here is the back.

As far as a review goes on this pattern, I must say that in theory this dress should be easy to sew.  There are no really difficult things to do, but I just didn't like the instructions very much.  The zipper insertion went smoothly, but the problem I had was with all the easing in this pattern.  Easing the bodice and the skirt front and back was not as simple to do.  There are still some tucks that I did not want there.  I have to say I consulted my sewing manual many times for help!

The binding on the dress was pretty easy to do, though my only issue with that was the way the instructions said to sew it.  It seemed backwards to me, but since I am a beginner, I just had to sew it the way they said to.

All in all, I like the dress, and I will probably sew it again, at least one more time.  The next time I will try to do a denim bodice with cotton fabric skirt.  I saw that combination on, and it was really cute.  For my first try at a dress, I am very happy with how it all turned out!

Now I am working on my son's apron...

Stay sew-filled!

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  1. Your daughter's dress is so cute and I think you did a great job. I like the pleats but everything seems to depend on the fabric in regards to how it will wear. Great job!


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