Friday, February 8, 2019

January Re-cap and Feb. Pattern Picks

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you for all the lovely comments you left about my Moto jacket in my last post.  It made me smile to read each one!

For today I will be doing a recap of my January items, and introducing you to the patterns I plan on sewing for this month.  Here are my three finished items for January:

I fully admit that I finished my Moto jacket a few days into February, but it is so close that I am including it with the items from January.  Also, that keeps me on track so that I feel like I am starting the month out fresh (mind games, I know, lol).

All three of these garments were a win for me! Believe me, that doesn't always happen, so I am grateful.  Out of the three, I have worn my Renfrew the most.  It has kept me warm with the colder temps we had in January; but now that the weather has been warming up, I am sure the other two pieces will get a lot of wear too.

February Plans
I am very excited about the Sew Your View February pattern:

The description states: "loose-fitting jacket and vest are unlined with dropped shoulder, tie belt with thread carriers, and collar, length, and sleeve variations.

The fabric recommendations are wool coatings, boucle, tweed, and wool blends.  I think I have a fabric in my stash that will work exactly for this!  I am eyeing the vest version:

For the inspiration photo, I found a couple of neutral vest options that I thought would work well.  I want to be able to wear this garment with a lot of things in my closet, even though I can't think of anything to pair with it at the moment.

For my personal sewing choice, I have decided on this one:

View A on the left is just so cute!  I already started it, and hope to be finished soon.

This month I also have quite a few BONUS patterns that I am considering, time permitting.  The first one is tied to the #bhmpatterns challenge.  It is hosted by YT's Myra Lorraine and Natural Dane.  The challenge is to sew a pattern from an African American pattern designer.  I think Mccall 7262 by Khaliah Ali is a wonderful choice!  

It is a sweater coat that I may end up making and wearing later this year (weather depending), but I really like this style a lot! 

My next BONUS pattern is the Ginger Jeans.  I have been back and forth about a pants pattern to start on, because...I NEED PANTS!!  It has been 2 years now and to say that pants are a necessity is an understatement.  I didn't anticipate continuing the RTW Fast for this year, so I am totally unprepared!  As much as I despise printing/taping up a PDF pattern, that is what I will be doing for these.  

Lastly, I also plan on sewing up an Isla dress for one of my best friends.  Since our weather has been unpredictable, I thought it would be nice if it was finished and available for her to wear it when appropriate.  


That's a lot of plans! Thankfully, the bonus items are only when my first two items are finished.  I am ordering the Sew Your View pattern this week, so that I can get started on it quickly. If you have any plans for the month that you would like to share, I would love to know!  I'm still not totally engrossed into Spring sewing, but I am quickly beginning to see that will be soon.

Stay sew filled!


  1. Love your January makes and your February plans! I really like McCalls 7262. I think it looks adorable on the model but I'm afraid it would just look sloppy on me!

    1. Thanks Diane! I should have also posted a photo of Mccall's 7262 unbuttoned. It has a cascading effect while open so it gives a more casual look. I am glad you like it! I really hope I get a chance to make it!

  2. Great job on finishing your January patterns! I made 7262 a couple of years ago. I love how it wears buttoned up. I did not go back and look at my post as I wanted to suggest that you look at the finished measurements before making as I think I went smaller than my usual size. I just recently purchased that Simplicity pattern, it has a lot of nice options. Happy Sewing!

    1. Thank you for all the great tips for sewing up S7262! I believe I am sizing down too...I will keep that in mind for sure. I just finished the Simplicity pattern and look forward to posting about it on Friday. You are right, it has lots of great options!

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