Thursday, March 1, 2018

Items sewn in February

Hello everyone!

Somehow I blinked and missed most of February!!

I knew it would be a short month, but I admit that I didn't realize it would go by that fast. My whole February plan was to focus on pants, and I have surely done that.  I worked on three different muslins, then finally said "enough!"  Here is the process I started for what I am affectionately naming my Ponte Pants:

Version #1 (camel-colored) ponte knit--I cut this version out "as is" in a size 10, with blending to the hips to a size 12.  The end result?  It could NOT fit over my derriere!!!  No bueno!

So, I debated re-cutting another pair, but decided to add fabric to the seam allowances instead so I could test out a full butt adjustment.  I also scooped the crotch curve, let out the side seams, removed fabric at the center front/center back, and deepened the curve to the front and back.  It all looked ok, but I still needed more room in the back for fabric bunching at the knees.

Version#2 (purple) ponte knit--This was my best fitting version!  I transferred all of my adjustments to this version, and it looked pretty good.  I decided to deepen the curve in the back.  There was still some bunching behind the knee, but it wasn't too bad.

Version #3 (white) ponte knit:  I really thought this would be my last version.  Since Version 2 was pretty good, I just knew this one would hit it out of the park.  Well, I blame my own error.  Somehow when I transferred my adjustments I accounted for the seam allowance incorrectly.  So, they were too small!!!  At this point I was done, and I threw all three muslins in the corner of my sewing room, lol! 

I will definitely dig them out for the month of March, and finish the purple pair so I can move on to cutting into my stretch denim.  I must also note that I saw there is a pocket extension for the front of the Sabrina Slims, so I downloaded it for some added styling in my final version.  Hopefully all the changes I have made so far will give me a good head start, and a fresh perspective for getting them done this month.

Moving on, for the second week of February I took a detour and spent time on some off season sewing.  Empty Hanger Patterns will be releasing a wonderful tank top, and I got the pleasure of trying it out.  It is awesome!!!! I look forward to showing you more of the top soon, but I can already tell you that it is a necessary wardrobe staple for warmer weather that can be dressed up or down.  

After my week of testing, I didn't want to delve into pants, so I looked at my capsule wardrobe plan again, and turned my attention to the Colette Moneta dress.  I liked that it was such a well-received pattern.  I thought this would at least up my odds for success, and to be honest, I just wanted to create another finished garment from my capsule.


It was everything it lived up to be!

So of course I made two versions:

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this version in a floral knit blend.  I couldn't wear this dress fast enough after I completed it, I was so smitten with it!  In fact, even though it rained, I still wore it to church!!

For my second version, I jumped straight into using this mustard French Terry knit I originally wanted when planning my capsule.  Most of it went together well, though the knit did wrestle me when it came to attaching the bodice.  I haven't worn this one yet, but I plan to make that happen soon.  

I will plan on doing full reviews for each of these items soon.  I haven't figured out how I want to organize everything since I am starting March with a backlog of unblogged items (haven't done that before), but I do want to share my excitement for the three pieces I finished for February.  Here's hoping that March will be a dream sewing month for all of us!

Stay sew filled!


  1. Really love your Moneta dresses!! Nice work on the pants. Hopefully you get a final, finished pair that you love.

  2. Gosh-- you put time into some pants - I hope you get that perfect fit. I have the Moneta in my queue to sew but have avoided it because of my knit fear. I think I will tackle it soon. Yours are a very pretty.

  3. Loving the look of the singlet top. It's a lovely fit around the neck. I LVOE the rose Monetta. Gorgeous... and go you with your pants persistence! Sew Darn Tired - Sofie (I can't make comments for a lot of blogs lately)

  4. The Moneta dresses are absolutely beautiful. You've put a lot of work towards the pants, hopefully you'll be able to get the perfect fit soon.

  5. I a so happy you're not going to give up on your pants, you are almost there! Good to walk away from them for a bit...fresh eyes make all the difference in the world! Love your Moneta dresses!


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