Saturday, February 3, 2018

January Re-cap and February Plans

Hello everyone!

When I think about how my month of January went, it feels like I could divide it into two categories.  The first would be "utter frustration," and the second would be "confident resurgence." I started out with some stuttering, but I have gained my bearings, and now look forward to my February plans.

But before I tell you about that, here are all my January garments:

Butterick 6526 Crossover Top (shown at far left on top and bottom): I really gave this pattern a bad wrap!  I think it was tied to my experience sewing it, and not the final result.  It truly is a nice top, and I have changed my mind after wearing it.  I will now re-make it with more length.  In fact, I can no longer ignore my LONG torso, lol! Unless there is a lot of length built-into a garment, I will have to add some.  Lesson learned!

Sewaholic Renfrew Tops (Fitted V-neck): I still love these, and have started to wear them. It feels good to be this early into the RTW fast, and already have lots of things to choose from! While I wish I could sew another five or six, I will move on for the sake of my capsule.

Alright, now that January is out of the way...let's move onto February plans!  If you recall from a few of my posts last month, I have been working on my pants sloper.  Well, I am making progress on it, but not quite finished yet. I am discovering that each adjustment I make affects another thing.

My goal was to finish my sloper so I could work on my two pants choices for this month. Well, I am throwing caution to the wind, and working on PANTS anyway!! I can do it!! I have been encouraged by a lot of other RTW fasters who have sewn their first pair of pants, and I'm gonna just dive in!!

**As a side note, I must say that this month is Jeans month at Closet Case Patterns! In honor of that, they are taking 30% off all their jeans courses, and patterns!!! I may have purchased the Ginger Jeans pattern already, lol--for the near future, of course.  Now is a great time to get this pattern or others (PDF or printed) if you are also thinking of giving pants a try. Click here for the website to check this out.**

That said, I will work on the Sabrina Slims first!!

I am hoping that the simple silhouette and seaming will work in my favor.  I mean, come on! No zippers, closures, etc.  But maybe a welt pocket? I will see. If I choose to do one, it will be my first ever! I definitely like the way they look on the back of the pants, so I will see and keep you in the loop.

After I finish the Slims, I will work on the other pair of pants from my capsule, Simplicity 8056. This one looks slightly more involved, but has some ease since it is a trouser.

I am aiming to finish as much of my capsule as possible so that I can be ready to move on to Spring soon.  Once I reach the end of this month, I will evaluate how much more time I will take if needed. I have already decided that my Spring Capsule will be much smaller, lol! Much smaller!!  

For now I want all of my knit items in the capsule finished.  Then, I will move on to the woven things.  I hope that this establishes the opportunity to get into a "groove."  That's the plan, at least.  How it plays out will be seen.  

But, I am most excited about PANTS!!!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You really had a productive January. Good luck with the pants - I'm also planning to make my first pair this year, and S8056 is one of the ones I've chosen. I can't wait to see how yours will turn out.

  2. I love some of your tops .. you did well! I also say go for the pants... it's only fabric after all and you always learn something.

  3. I really love your pattern choice! I will add the Sabrina Slims to my list. Thank you!

  4. You had a productive January and made some really cute tops. Yes, pants are tough exactly for the reason you have adjustment affects something else which you then adjust which affects something else - aaack! Nevertheless, all the best making your pants. I look forward to seeing them and reading about your experiences with them.

  5. You made some really nice pieces in January! Good luck with the pants. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

  6. Wow! You have been on fire in January! Hope you have a productive Feb with the pants.

  7. Lots of lovely garments! I really like the tops you've made. Good luck making the trousers!


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