Saturday, December 2, 2017

November Recap and Finishing WELL

Hello everyone!

It seems like it has been a moment since I have posted a finished item for you...but today I will show you all the things I have been working on!  However, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of them already.

For November, I kept my list of items relatively short because I knew I would be working on my jacket.  I did get a chance to finish two items from the list, and they are as follows:

The top on the left is the FIRST one I have ever made for my hubby!  Now, don't think I never asked him.  Oh, I have asked...and asked...and asked!  When I started sewing things for our children, I told him I could easily whip him up a shirt, but he said NO, lol!  You see, he is very particular, and wanted it to be "just right."  So, being married as long as we have, I just left him alone about it.

Until now!  He said he was open to me giving a shirt a try, and I ran with it before he could change his mind!  I grabbed some gorgeous, soft, Ponte knit from Fine Fabrics with a beautiful drape.  It has a slight sheen, but not TOO much--his kind of thing for sure.  And, he loves it! Just loves it!  Everyone at his office couldn't believe I made it for him.  Don't you just love to sew?

So, yeah, now I am recruited to sew more shirts for him.  But, I also have a reason to go to the fabric store too!  I don't think he thought about that when he started requested more custom-made shirts. The pattern is Ottobre 06/2016, and it fits him well.

He definitely has a more athletic build, so he needs room in the chest and shoulders.  The silhouette of this top really fit the bill, and there were only four patter pieces! My only variation was to draft a neckband instead of doing a binding.  Overall, it took me a couple of hours to serge and finish for him to wear the next day.  We will definitely repeat this top SOON!

My next top is the Sadie by Seamworks. I started out so excited about this one, but (spoiler alert) now I am not so sure. The neckline isn't what I expected.  It came out exactly like the pattern image, but it just doesn't look as good ON ME.  So, I will probably rework it into something I like a bit more.  I plan on doing a proper review soon with pics of me in it so you can let me know what you think.

As we go into December I am reflecting on the goals I set out to accomplish.  Those goals were created in January with such an optimistic mindset.  Though I am realizing I won't cross off everything off like I wanted, I am AMAZED by what I have accomplished!  My goal for December is two words--finish WELL!

I refuse to drive myself crazy over all the things I have left on my list.  Instead, I will cherish this time of year, and reach for the goals I can obtain.  Above all, I will finish well.  I will cross the finish line of 2017 with my head held high, a smile on my face, and a song in my heart--grateful for all I have obtained, and welcoming the year that is to come!

I hope you will join me!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. His tee is PERFECT! Bravo!!

    Reminds me of when I started and would ask my daughter and ask and ask and finally! Now she sends me pics and "can you make this for me?" :)

    And always best to focus on the positive. This has been a full year and like you said, you got a lot accomplished.

  2. Great shirt! It looks fantastic and he seems pleased!! My husband is picky too -- I have yet to make him something. Maybe I should try?!

  3. Omg, you did an awesome job on the t-shirt. I can't blame him for wanting more. The drape of the fabric is just perfect.

  4. Your husband's t-shirt looks amazing! I bet that he will be asking you to make many more now.

  5. You did a fantastic job with your husband's T-shirt! Yes, more trips to the fabric store heehe.


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