Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sadie sweatshirt

Hello everyone!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you sewed a garment that looked exactly like the pattern envelope--only you didn't like it????

Well, that is a little bit of what happened to me.  You see, I saw the Sadie by Seamworks sweatshirt and knew I wanted to make it.  I was drawn by the element of cozyness, and I thought the funnel neck collar appropriately screamed "fall."  What could go wrong, right?

I chose a gorgeous houndstooth print I had in my stash, and got to work.  The fabric is a ponte roma knit from Girl Charlee, and it is soft, smooth, and lovely.  I knew the houndstooth would look busy, so I also chose a black rayon knit to balance out the silhouette on the neckband and cuffs.  I sewed a size S since the design had loads of ease, and ended up with a super roomy shirt that was LONG.

So, after taking out some ease from the side seams, reducing the hem length by an inch, and re-sewing the neckband with a ponte for more stability, this is what I ended up with:

I don't think it is bad, it's just not my favorite.  It's kind of like going to the store, seeing a shirt you LOVE on the rack, but realizing it doesn't have as much appeal on your body.  Does that ever happen to you?  

I think it is absolutely wonderful to sew all kinds of styles and silhouettes, but this time I didn't achieve the idea I had in my head.  I love the funnel neck, but didn't like this one on me.

For now I will put this top on the side and see if I can remedy the collar to a place I would like.  I put some tacks on each side to see if that would help, but it only created this funny shape.  If I figure it out, I will gladly show you an updated photo of what I did.

Overall, I found out that this pattern isn't for me, but it IS a QUICK sew that is perfect for Fall and Winter! I think a drapier fabric would also be lovely--just be mindful that this will affect the funnel neck as well.

In the meantime, I have some random sneak peak photos to show you!  The first is my Kelly Anorak:

I am near done, but got stuck on joining the hood lining to the jacket body/lining.  I couldn't wrap my brain around the instructions, even though I know I was able to complete it with my muslin.  I ended up emailing Closet Files Patterns, and got such a wonderful response from Alexis.  She was thorough, and kindly explained the step I was stuck on.  I was super impressed!!! Though I did have to read her email a few times, I finally got it!  You should be seeing a finished result sometime this month.

Also, I am doing my first ever pattern test!  Usually, due to my schedule and overall busyness, I shy away from this kind of thing because 1)I don't like to sew for deadlines 2)My family is priority, and I don't like the added stress of trying to balance everything.  But, this particular pattern is an awesome knit dress, and the pattern creator assured me I would have plenty of time to sew it up and provide feedback.  So far I am a little ahead of schedule, which I like!  

I am free to share info about the pattern, so once I finish and send in all my feedback, I will post a review for all of you.  But my early opinion is I LIKE IT...A LOT!!!!!

Lastly, I noticed that there has been a lot of holiday sewing going on! I can't say I have any holiday sewing for others, but I may make something holiday-themed for myself.  For some reason, I didn't even think about sewing gifts this year.  Maybe next year...But I do love seeing all the things others are creating!  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I’m disappointed for you about the sweatshirt because the fabric choice is fantastic. I’ve learned through trial and error that i do not like anything longer than my hips, and I don’t like a body cut on my shape. Use that same fabric in a different pattern! Your anorak looks amazing. Like a pro!

  2. I'm sorry you don't like your top, although I think it looks lovely. Isn't it just the worst to spend time and money on something and then be disappointed? Grrrr!

  3. HI Vanessa, sorry your top didn't turn out as you expected. Sometimes this happens to me. But later, I put something on again, and then I love it. Anyway, your coat it cute. I saw it on Instagram.

  4. Vanessa, I too am so sorry about the sweat shirt because I love the fabric selections! Hopefully, putting it aside for a bit will give you what you need to fix it. Can I say your Kelly Anorak jacket is sooo lovely! I love, love, love your lining! Beautiful fabrics period! You make me want to make another right away!

  5. I’m sorry you don’t like your jumper because it really suits you! I feel your annoyance though - when you sew something, you can’t just try it on to decide if you like it or not! I can’t wait to see your Kelly anorak, I am about to start one and am looking forward to seeing how you found the process.

  6. Sorry your sweatshirt didn't work out but that happens to all of us! Maybe putting it aside will help you look at it with fresh eyes next time you pick it up. Your Kelly Anorak is coming along beautifully. I look forward to reading all about the dress you are testing - fun!

  7. I like it on you! It looks more stable than the pattern which has drape. I understand that even though we like it you have to!

  8. Your sweatshirt really looks beautiful and suits you so well. Hopefully you can make a few tweaks and get it to where you'll love it. The anorak is so gorgeous. You've really done a great job; great choice of colors.


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