Monday, September 4, 2017

August Recap/September Plans

Hello everyone!

I must start by saying that you are all AMAZING!  I am humbled by the kind comments you leave, and thankful for others who have gotten so excited that they decided to follow along with me on my blog, or through

For my recap of August, the month started off in such a crazy way with the arm pain I was having.  I really didn't know how I was going to sew a thing, and felt a bit disheartened about that.  But, things slowly began to heal, and each day brought me less pain, and more ability and movement in my daily life.  Right now, I am practically normal, and eternally GRATEFUL!

And even better, my sewing didn't have to suffer!

Here are all of the projects I finished for August:


A total of four pieces (five if you count my son's shorts).  Or, essentially, four tops, and a pair of shorts.  My favorite part is that I like everything I made!  That is rare for me!  Usually I have a wadder or two, but I am glad that each piece came out well.

I projected that I would finish 3-4 items from my August plan, and I "kind of" made it.  I sewed two things on the list, and threw in two of my own, LOL!  

Overall, I have learned more about myself and my sewing style.  While watching Project Runway on Thursday I decided to write down my own design aesthetic.  Granted, I am not a designer, but I think it helps to know who you are, and what you love to sew. 

 For me, I had a personal revelation that I love classic designs.  Not necessarily minimalistic things, as I do love a garment with visual interest and shaping, but styles that stand the test of time, and look good in season and out.  I also love a bit of trend, though the proportion of that is relatively small in comparison to my whole wardrobe.  I am sure this will be tweaked as I go along, but the very foundation of what appeals to me can be summed up by classic with a bit of trend.  I am using this as my guide, and  moving forward.

Of course that doesn't deter me from sewing garments that stretch me, or hone my sewing skills.  In fact, that leads me to my plan for September, or National Sewing Month!!!

It is time to get back to the Closet Case Files Kelly Anorak!!

I am going to take the FIRST week of September to close out any projects I have going on, and then use the rest of the month to work on the Kelly Anorak, and a dress for my brother's wedding in October.  I am still in the process of choosing a dress pattern from my stash so I will let you know which pattern I decide on.  My goal is to start early so I can ensure I have more than enough time to sew (I am SO bad with deadlines).

My original plan was to muslin the jacket and then cut my fabric.  I will still do that, but am focusing on the basic shell of the jacket just to make sure I like the fit.  It is worth nothing that this fabric was the most expensive I have ever bought, so I want to be confident when I cut into it!

I will check in at the end of the week to let you see my progress!  For this week of unfinished projects, I will post updates to my Instagram.  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You really had a productive August, and all the garments you made look beautiful. You're right that it helps to know what designs you like; it helps to guide your sewing and keep you in focus. I need to work on that as well; I get pulled in different directions and end up not knowing what to make next. I look forward to seeing what you make in Sept.

  2. You had such a productive August! I love all of the pieces you have made. I am glad your arm is much better!

  3. As everyone said, you had a great sewing month and love all your makes. Your kids are so cute❤❤ Great idea of making a muslin for the jacket. Looking forward to see it finished.


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