Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lacy Aurora

Hello everyone!

My fascination with the Aurora tank top continues!  I decided to create another one, but this time I wanted to use a fabric I had not sewn with before--LACE!  I have gobs of stretch lace in my closet, and I have been saving it for a while now.  Over the years I have been collecting ones I like, or designs that were pretty.  It took no time at all to come up with a color combination that I liked.

Here is what I came up with:

And I LOVE it!!!  It is so comfy and stylish at the same time!

I will say that as I began to assemble this top, my hubby gave me a puzzled look.  "Umm, does that go together?"

I told him it did, and he would see it all in the end, LOL!  Does anyone else have people that look at your work in progress, and question the direction of it?  Now, I readily admit that there have been times that my hubby has been right.  But, thankfully, this time not one of them.  He conceded that the top looks better than he had anticipated.

I did make a tweak to this version.  Instead of turning and stitching the neckline and armholes down, I created binding from the same knit as the top (pre-cut cotton knit from Fabricmarts Fabric). The result is so much nicer!

And I am definitely sold on using three rows of stitching to gather, as opposed to two!!! It creates a lot of threads to differentiate among, but the fiddle factor goes WAY down for me. I repeat...way down!  I would even say it makes it tolerable, and that is saying a lot!

Here are the finished insides:

Overall, this top is another favorite, and I highly recommend it as a tank top staple!  If it was the beginning of summer, I could see sewing at least five more.  However, I will have to revisit it next year instead.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. The fit wonderful, the color superb!

  2. Very cute! Yep, you and the top both :)

  3. Looking good!! I love tanks like this with contrasting fabrics!!

  4. Great job! It looks so cute. I see the lace detail, great contrast.

  5. Lovely top! That baby has really grown.

  6. Very beautiful. The contrast looks great. You look amazing in it.

  7. Very nice. I love the purple colour with the lace..

  8. Love this little top on you with the lace. So pretty and it fits you beautifully.


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