Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Plans

Hello everyone!

Yes, it is August!  Somehow I missed the last two months of sewing.  Mostly because I have been busy taking care of my children, and keeping up with summer activities.  But also because I went on vacation to Florida.  Now that I am back, and my kids start school SOON, I am ready to crank up my sewing machine again.

Here are the things I am mulling over for August:

1. Finish my shirtdress (no UFOs)

2. Finish my son's vest (again, no UFOs)  I started this for his birthday, with hopes of finishing it, but had too much on my plate to do so. Now I would love to finish it so he can wear it to a wedding we will attend in October.

3. Bermuda shorts. Summer is almost over.  Though it stays warm well into October here in GA, I have been wanting to try this pattern and style out for a while.

4. Mccalls top 7570. This one is already cut out and ready to sew.  In all reality, I may be able to get it done in a few hours once I take it out.

5. Baby gift for my expectant friend. My best friend is due this month, and I want to finish some baby dresses and mail them to her.  They will be sized a little bigger, for next summer, but I still wanted to send her something cute for her precious girl.

6. Button down shirt. This is included for practice.  I am enjoying my sewing machine's automatic buttonhole feature, and am purposely choosing garments that will help me get more experience with it.

7. "Back to school" top or dress for my daughter.  I told her I would surprise her this month and sew her something that I choose for her.  Usually, I let her pick the fabric and pattern, but this time it will be a total SURPRISE, lol.

8. "Back to school" PJs for my son.  My son is 10, and PJs are the only thing he wants me to sew for him (sad, right?).  But, I get it.  Maybe that will change over time.

9. Simplicity dress in collaboration with my best friend.  One of my friends expressed interest in learning to sew.  So, we will be sewing this pattern up together.  We already chose our fabrics, cut out her size, and will be getting together a few times to begin sewing it.

To be honest, this list is only the beginning!  I have SO many more things I could add, but I need to make my way through this month first.  In fact, I am excited to see what I can accomplish.  I am going to go ahead and GUESS that I will finish at least 3-4 of the nine items.  And if I did that, I would call that a good month.

Actually, I hope you will follow along to see what items get wrapped up!!

Best wishes as you sew in the month of August!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Quite the list - but then again, aren't they always? I like your idea of being happy with finishing a few things, not rushing to do everything! And that vest will be so cute on your little one. Happy sewing!

  2. I look forward to seeing your creations. It's good that you have all these goals but are not pressuring yourself to get them all it should be!

  3. Great plans for August. I've been quite busy too this summer and I just got back from a trip to Toronto. I look forward to seeing what you make. Happy sewing!


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