Friday, June 16, 2017

Shirt Dress Muslin

Hello everyone!!

You would think that 21 days to sew a shirt dress would be more than sufficient, right?!?!

Well, here I am on day 16 still working out my muslin.  Once again, I will be coming in right at the deadline, and I don't know whether I will finish it.  But I did make a COLLAR:

Woo hoo!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I must say that watching my Classic Tailored Shirt class with Pam Howard was so amazingly helpful!!!!  Pam Howard is such an awesome, patient, gentle teacher.  She made me feel a lot more confident about sewing a shirt dress even though this pattern isn't a TRUE button down, he he!  It doesn't even have a back yoke! But nevertheless, I press forward.

I haven't practiced buttonholes yet, so I know I will need Ms. Howard's expertise for those.

Here is what the muslin looks like on me:

It is SOOOOOOOO long!!!!!!!!! LOL! I mean, WOW!  I will definitely cut a good 4 or maybe 5 inches off the length.  I haven't decided yet where I want it to fall.  I will probably keep tweaking it until I find a length I am happy with.

I do think it is a cute shirt dress, though.  I am using advice from Nakisha (thanks so much), as well as a tutorial on converting button downs to sleeveless that I found here.  I really like a bias bound armhole, just figuring out how much of the upper armhole to cut off.

Here is a pic with 1 1/2" removed:

I hope that is enough for now.  I am going to make some bias strips tonight and see what it looks like with them bound.  I have been looking at inspirational pics on Pinterest, and I really like the pics that show a little more shoulder.  

I definitely don't want to have gaping, so I will be raising the armhole some.

Wish me luck!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Looking good so far. I like the length of the inspiration shirt dress. I admire your commitment to making muslins! But then you probably don't have to give half of what you make to your niece either!

  2. Vanessa your muslin looks fantastic especially the collar. That is the part that gives me grief - I need to practice! It's going to be a great shirt dress!

  3. Celebrate the victories! Was that your first collar? It looks great! I have yet to make one. For some reason they seem very intimidating. Your muslin is looking great! I love the length of the inspirational picture also. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. Your muslin looks great, especially the collar. I look forward to seeing your finished shirt dress.

  5. It really looks great so far. It is pretty long! I can't wait to see how the final version will turn out.


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