Friday, June 2, 2017

May Re-cap, and June Plans

Hello everyone!

I am pleased with the way May turned out for me! It is pretty rare for me to sew four garments in a month, knowing all of the responsibilities of my life and home.  However, something happened.  Call it a "Christmas miracle", or a moment when "all of the stars align."  Yes, I was productive, yet I have no idea how it happened, lol!,

I'm sure that sewing from ONE pattern helped!  Here are my makes for May, with a yet to be reviewed flounce top (View A) added in the mix:

For May, it really worked to pick one pattern, sew it, and repeat.  It was calming to work with familiar instructions, and great fit.  Even though I was a little hesitant to sew the flounce version, those two factors worked in my favor while assembling this top.  I plan on posting a full review by the weekend so you will know my full experience for this version.

Me and my sweet girl
I have already worn my cold shoulder tops a lot this month, including one of them on my daughter's birthday so that we could be "twinning."  They are so comfortable, so trendy, and make me happy! This pattern is surely a TNT in that regard, and I will use it again in the future.

June Plans
What can I say about the month of June?  It holds a special place in my heart because of my birthday, but there are also loads of things I want to accomplish in this month as well.  If you are following along with my aspirations for 2017 (see tab), you will see that I am working my way through my goals, but still have a little ways to go.  This will be another month that I challenge myself to learn and grow.

That brings me to something fun that I saw on Youtube.  Apparently there is a big giveaway going on, associated with the hashtag "sewtogetherforsummer".  The catch? You must sew a shirt dress,and post it to Instagram with that hashtag in order to be eligible for the prizes.  When I saw this, I got so excited because button down shirts are on my list to sew, AND I have a Craftsy class for it.  So, I could technically cross two things off of my 2017 list by participating.  Hey, I may even win a cool prize!  Go HERE for details if you are interested.  

I am thinking of choosing between these two patterns:

Simplicity 8053, View A is a button down shirt that I would have to turn into a dress by adding some length to it.

Then there is this adorable shirt dress pattern I received with the Love Sewing magazine I purchased earlier this year.  View C is what I would make, however, I would have to figure out a different sleeve for the heat here in GA.

My stash is pretty limited when it comes to shirt dresses, but I am trying to use what I have.  If that doesn't work, I will buy a pattern on sale.  The deadline to sew one is June 21st.

Another project I want to start this month is a pair of Bermuda style shorts!  I have those on my list too, and while flipping thru my pattern stash, noticed these:

I just LOVE these in View C, and I have heard lots of good things about the Amazing Fit series.  I will definitely get started on these with the hopes of sewing a few for summer once I get the fit right. 

Ok, so last but not least, this pattern is on my radar:

 I already own it, but there is a small story involved with it.  I wanted to sew this top for Ms. Faye's TOPS THAT POP sewalong.  Only when I went to pull it, I could not find it anywhere.  I was so disappointed!! Thankfully, I was able to catch a 99 cents sale for Simplicity at Hobby Lobby, and I changed direction and sewed a cold shoulder top instead.  It worked out for the better, and I found the pattern under my couch the next week, lol!  Anyhow, this one will be coming out of the package soon.

Lastly, I am still sewing for my kids.  They have LOADS of projects lined up for me, lol!  My son wants pajamas, and I haven't had the chance to sew for my beanie baby yet.  My daughter always wants something, so I will see where projects for them get thrown in.

THANK YOU so much for reading along, commenting, and sewing amazing things yourself!  I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable in my sewing journey.  Yes, I still experience frustrations, but my passion for sewing is beginning to overtake my reluctance to stay at the same level.  And your encouragement is wonderful! So, thank you!

I will check back in with my review of the S8337 top soon!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You had a great month! I can't wait to see view A on. I was just thinking I need more knit tops with some visual interest.

    On that magazine pattern, you can totally leave the sleeves off. If you muslin, you'll see how much you need to raise the armhole. If you don't, I'd tissue fit and do a "best guess" estimate. Then if it's still a little too low you can bring up the shoulder seams a tiny bit to compensate.

    Good luck on the June plans!

    Your daughter is just adorable!!

  2. You had a beautiful sew month.

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  4. You had a production month - good for you! I love everything you have made. Your daughter is so cute!

  5. You have really rocked it this last month. I love your cold shoulder tops (and that they make you happy!) and I am looking forward to reading about the red top because that looks the bomb! For the shirt dress, I'd just do shirtless or shorten the sleeves... even a cap sleeve would be nice. Good luck in the competition.

  6. So happy that you had a great month. Love your makes and your daughter is so cute 💕


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