Friday, September 5, 2014

Listening to My Inner Sewing Voice

Hello everyone!

I am back in action after my Labor Day weekend away, and glad to be sewing again!  To summarize my weekend, I saw family, had fun, and ate a lot of BBQ!!!!!!  

I started getting back into the swing of things this past Tuesday.  I deconstructed my M5894 Jeans muslin, and tweaked a few adjustments.  After that, I planned to go "full steam ahead" into sewing my jeans, but...a little voice inside me said "Don't do it. Baste your adjusted denim fabric pieces together, and make sure it fits well first."

I'm gonna be honest, I usually hush this little voice away, and regret it later.  But for some good reason (maybe because jeans are a lot of work), I decided to take heed to this warning.  When I basted my adjusted pieces together, this is what I saw:

These jeans are a far cry from my last muslin!!!!!!  In fact, there is too much bagginess and loose fabric throughout, and this just cannot be--for me.

So, even though I have more work to do, I am sooooooooo GRATEFUL I did not begin the true construction for these jeans.  I would have been so disappointed.  I think the biggest difference lies in the fabric I chose.  It only has 3% stretch, but it makes a HUGE difference in sizing.  I have already taken an additional 3/4" from each side, and it has made a nice, notable change.  Also, I can't remember the weight of the denim I ordered, but I know it was not a heavy weight.  It might be an 8 or 9.  Well, these feel very heavy.  That is affecting how they hang on my body.

I can't make any promises (because football games are on all weekend) but, I will be fine-tuning the fit over the next couple of days.  I am even thinking of tapering the legs more to resemble a RTW pair I already have.  It has been a lot of work, but I keep thinking that it will one day be worth it.

Overall, I do like the look of the pants, and the potential I see!  By the way, thank you for all your comments from my last post.  I decided NOT to remove any additional rise amount from my jeans, even though I could sit in them just fine.  I think that was a great decision from all of your feedback, so THANK YOU!

Have a great weekend!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I admire your perseverance. It's going to pay off in a big way! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The same thing happened with me and my sewaholic thurlows. Made the muslin out of, well, muslin, but they were pretty tight, so when I made the real deal out of stretch corduroy I was surprised at how BIG they turned out. I then slenderized the thighs but really I need to take an inch out of the waistband--and since I actually finished them, means undoing and redoing. I might do that this winter.

    You;re doing great--keep going!

  3. Thanks ladies! Kyle, it is good to know someone else has had a similar experience. I hope you get a chance to get to your Thurlows.

  4. I think the are coming along great. I'm glad you mention the weight of the denim. I will need to keep that in mind when I attempt mine. Other that that they are coming along fine.

  5. The top part looks great! I'm sure you'll get the legs just how you want them.


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