Sunday, July 20, 2014

Library book raid and Mini-update

Hello everyone!

We are mostly through July, and I wish I could say I was mostly through sewing my first pair of jeans.  However, my kids are still on vacation for the summer, and I have been hard pressed to make the time to sew.  Idealistically, I wanted to use the couple of hours before bedtime to sew, but I have been SO TIRED, from running around with them all day.

So I am resigned to the fact that my summers will just be less productive.  As soon as school starts for them in August, I will really dive into getting things in gear.  In fact, I am using the time I have now to make plans.

I did put together a muslin of M5894.  I didn't have any "muslin" fabrc left at home (except for a half yard) so I decided to use a quilting cotton I had in my stash.

My initial impression of the fit is good, mostly good.  My main area of concern is my hips and buttocks.  That is where things get tight, and I have some wrinkling.  I chose a bootcut shape for the jeans, but am still considering tapering the legs a wee bit more in order to mimic a pair of jeans I have.

The fabric I chose is a darker wash denim with a tiny amount of stretch in it (I'll research how much and let you know in a future post).  I love the fabric, and cannot wait to see how it distresses. I will do a mock up square to make sure it looks good.  So far the fabric is washed and prepped, I am just knocking out fit issues with my muslin before attaching the waistband.

I would love to just copy my favorite pair of jeans, but, to complicate things some, I have lost a little weight, and a few inches.  So my waist is a little smaller, and want to get my waistband a bit snugger than the one on the jeans I wear often.

I say all of this to say that I am in no rush to get these done, for now.  I hope you will hang in there with me!  If I get a few days here or there to sew, I will, but I won't be pushing for anything to get moving until August 7th.

In other news....

I went to the library and checked out some more sewing books!  I love checking with my library from time to time, and seeing what new titles they have acquired.  This time I got some ones that were "new to me," and a few I had checked out before:

This is an oldie, but goodie!  I like to refer to it as I am sewing, especially if I need to look something up or need some help in the sewing process.  It is more textbook style, with not as many pictures, though.

This is new to me.  Some of the designs are really cute, and some of the designs are a bit out there for me.

This book is just great!!  The first time I checked it out I didn't pay too much attention to it, but this time I really took an in-depth look at it.  It has everything you need to know about choosing a fabric, working with that fabric, and sewing the fabric.  In essence, it will get you headed in the right direction, by making sure you start off on the right foot.

Here is another "new to me" book that I was a little disappointed with. There are a lot of cute projects in here, but nothing that appealed to me.

Now this one right here!! Yes!!  I really, really like it!!  It is vintage dressing, done with style.  I like that it explains different pieces (blouse, utility jacket, playsuit) and the period it is from.  It even includes the history of the garment, and some help on what to pair it with.  I haven't checked out the disc in the back of the book yet (yes, there is one), but I like everything about it so far.

Last, but certainly not least, THIS book!!  I forgot about this book.  I checked it out a year or two ago, and was inspired.  But so much of the technique was over my head at that time that I mostly "oohed" and "aahed" at it.  This year I plan to explore the area of patternmaking!  I mean, why not?  And a lot of the designs in this book are really cute--I would wear them in a minute!

That's all, for now.  I may post some of my wardrobe planning, or various other things, up until August 7th, depending on what I come up with.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Your library has a great selection of sewing books. The last two books seem to be really good. I'm also interested in pattern making.

  2. Great books. My library has a limited selection.

    Just made a pair of pants that wrinkles across the bum. I ordered fit for real people book from my library to hopefully work it out.

  3. Annie,
    I hope you are referring to Pants for Real People. I didn't see any pants fitting advice in the original version. It is cool that your library carries it. Good luck with your pants. Once they fit, you can make plenty more versions!!!!

  4. Summers with the kids are soooo much fun and yes time consuming and exhausting...boys especially. You've got some great resources!!! Nothing like a good book!


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