Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scoop Top "Potentially Great"

Hello everyone!

I am elated to be back with a finished project for May!!

First off, let me thank all of my new followers for coming alongside my journey this year.  I picked up a couple of followers on Blog Lovin' and it surprised me because I have not posted as often as I like.  Rest assured, even when I am not active on my blog, I am actively sewing.  Sometimes that involves sewing a few wadders, though.

Second, it has been a weekend filled with kids' birthday parties, food, and fun!  When we got home I was exhausted (as always), yet I felt an urge to sew.  I got the kids to bed and sewed until my husband fell asleep in our bed.  I finished the top I am showing you today, and started another one in which I will be testing out a few alterations.

Here is my top:

I discovered this free pattern on the blog Skirt As Top.  I happened to be browsing Pinterest boards, and wondering if there were any free patterns available.  When I saw this, I immediately liked it, and it seemed simple enough to make.  Now that I have finished it, I agree.  It is simple, fits well, and I love the high-low hem.

The only drawback is the sizing.  It only comes in a Small-Medium.  If you know how to enlarge a pattern to fit your body, you would love this one.  If not, then this wouldn't be for you.  My fabric is from Denver Fabrics, if I recall correctly.  I am not even sure what it is.  It is definitely a lightweight knit, perhaps a jersey knit.  It drapes beautifully, and has good stretch and recovery.

There are only two pattern pieces, and a neckline binding.  I made this top "as is" with no adjustments, and the fit is pretty good.  I checked a lot of the measurements against one of my RTW shirts, so I think that helped a lot--I am not getting the weird pulling I have gotten in the past.
Overall it took me about an hour to complete.

For the hem, I decided to stitch fusible webbing to the wrong side of the fabric, press the hem up with an iron about 1/4", then topstitch.  The fusible webbing helped to stabilize my slippery fabric, and made the hem so much easier to deal with!!  I will definitely be using this method again.

As you can see with the back, I have not tried a swayback adjustment yet.  But, I am working on one with this next top I am sewing.  Hopefully, it will make a noticeable difference.

Overall, while I am not in love with this top, I do think it has great potential!!  If I make it again I will definitely add more length! Right now, the top hits me at an unflattering place that does not enhance my pear shape at all.  I am hoping that styling it with other pants could help distract from this fact.  Also, because of my long torso, I really need the extra length, or it looks more like a cropped top on me.

In conclusion, I would recommend this top for all skill levels.  There is even an option for a front pocket (I left it off of my version, of course).  I think this is a well drafted pattern that you can use over and over again.

I hope to be back soon with more tops to show you.  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. So pretty. Basic yet well fitting and flattering!

  2. Aren't basics great! I love having some TNT basics that are quick. I don't think anyone but a sewist would find any fault in this. As it is, I think it is great.

  3. Love it! What kind of fusible webbing did you use?

  4. What a nice top! And it looks great on you.

  5. So cute! Fits great and color looks fab.


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