Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back to it again

Hello everyone!

I had a refreshing Spring Break last week with my family!

I don't get to see my mom, dad, sister and brother too often because they live near Savannah. Even though we try to go no more than three months between visits, sometimes that's a little easier said than done.  Overall, I really needed that time.  I really needed to walk into my mom's house and be greeted with a German Chocolate cake (complete with homemade frosting and all)!  I needed to see my daughter follow her grandpa out to the garden, asking him all kinds of questions in her four year old way, and my son giving grandpa bear hugs as soon as he got up in the morning.  I needed to see all FOUR of my nieces' smiles, and love on my littlest niece, who is just coming on on her first birthday.  Every moment I spent with them was what God knows I needed:

Me and my younger brother

Me and my younger (yes, go figure) sister

My daughter and son, pictured on the right (pink and blue)
My nieces to the left, minus their baby sister

So now I am back and ready to spring into action!!  I got my Palmer/Pletsch Fit for Real People and Pants for Real People books on Tuesday, and I am amazed that I never bought these before. These books should be called Fit Issues, Explained!!  I love how many different fit issues it includes and goes over.  I know this will help me tremendously with my sloper.  I am still hesitant to try their tissue fitting method, but I am thankful for the other information on fit.  My sloper is already looking better!!

Moving forward, I have decided to only work on my sloper for a few days out of the week.  The rest of my time will be dedicated to sewing items for spring/summer.  If I don't do this, I will be in serious trouble a month from now when I have nothing to wear.  In fact, I am already working on something new... I will show you soon!

There was also an anonymous question as to whether I ever figured out the fit on my muslin for Burda 6910 (particulary the gaping at the neckline).  No, I have not.  All this time I have been thinking I have sloping shoulders, but I realize now that my shoulders are more square.  Also, I have a slight round back, which could definitely be what caused that gaping/riding up.  I have not tried to make any of these adjustments yet because I would have to cut another version out. Instead, this shirt has been pushed to the side.  Should I dig it out and tweak the issues with it, I will let you know.

I hope you enjoy this Easter weekend!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Beautiful family! Glad you had a great time. I'll look into those books; I'm having fit issues as well.

  2. How fun!! Glad you were able to visit with loved ones.

    I am almost certain that with Burda 6910 the pattern is the problem. Every make I've seen the person has complained about the neckline.

  3. What a cute family and great story! It made me realize I'm not alone in missing my family this Easter weekend too! Glad you were able to get some time in with your family, it is truly "food for the soul!"

    Can''t wait to see what you working on next...I need to get in gear too or I seriously won't have anything to wear this summer! Good Luck!

  4. You have a beautiful family! It is always good to relax and spend time with those that you love!

  5. I'm so glad you spent time with family. Its funny how Mom's house has certain smells and sounds you don't get anywhere else.

  6. I bought both of those books a couple of years ago. I've yet to get into the pants fitting one, but the other has been extremely helpful.


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