Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting unstuck

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well!

My kids are on spring break this week, so I have switched up the routine for now so I can take advantage of the time we have together.  It is Thursday evening as I am writing this, and while most parents would be excited to have their kids back in school soon, I have been drinking in our moments together...they really do grow up fast, and I know I will not always be the number one person they want to spend time with.

I have managed to spend quite a few nights adjusting my bodice sloper, though.  Yes, I am on version #4, and I am just stuck.  I have been keeping track of the adjustments I have been making, but I am so ready to see the finished product.  Part of me feels wearied that there are still more adjustments needed.  I mean, really?  How can my body be that difficult to fit?

I have been using Crafty's Sew the Perfect Fit class to help me with fitting my bodice, yet there are adjustments my body needs that are not included in this class.  Granted, I know that the instructor can't go over every type of alteration one might need, but it has been hard for me to figure out just the right adjustment to make, being a novice fitter and all.

So my challenge continues...

Just last month I imagined that by mid-April I would have my sloper done, be working on Easter dresses for my daughter and me, and beginning to sew my wardrobe for spring.  None of that is my reality today.


To get myself unstuck, I have ordered two fitting books to help with this process.  They are:

The instructions that come along with the Vogue sloper are not bad, they are just too extensive for me that I don't know where to begin.  There has to be a better way.  There has to be.  I am going to try the Palmer-Pletsch way! I realize I have to do something different if I expect different results because I haven't been getting any epiphanies lately.

I don't have a picture of my sloper for you, but I can describe it. The back bodice is quite loose, while the front upper bodice fits perfectly, and the front lower bodice can barely close.  I have opened the side seams to allow for the front to close, but there is still some pulling going on.  I am gonna have to adjust the front darts (make them smaller), and pinch out the excess in the back.

For now, our family will be going out of town for a few days, and I will be on a small break until I receive my added resources.  I am hoping this will give me a breath of fresh air and a new perspective/renewed strength to continue in my sloper journey.

I'll check back in next week, and let you know how things are going.  Have a wonderful week!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I totally understand about being excited when your children are out on school break. I am the same way, as I love that special time with my "little people" as I like to call them lol... Enjoy your weekend Vanessa!

  2. I signed up for a fitting class on Craftsy. I measured myself and then got bored so I sewed a dress. I know my results would be better if I knew what I was doing regarding fitting but it's so hard to learn stuff like that when you just want to sew something.

  3. I've been considering taking that class too. I also know that I should have someone else do my measurements so that I can get it done right. I'm just letting it sit in the corner in a puddle of sloper mess.
    I think you should definitely enjoy your kids while you can. With adult kids and younger kids, I definitely know the feeling of them getting older and needing to appreciate every moment while you can. I doubt many of us will be on our deathbeds wishing we had gotten that sloper down.

  4. Yes Vanessa, your kids are your FIRST priority! Take it from some one who misses hers everyday! They grow up so fast and move on with there lives! Quality time is the best gift you can give to both them and yourself! It is truly something they will never forget is the unconditional love and selfless time you fave to them!

    Also, be kind to yourself with learning more in sewing and fitting! If sewing is a passion, the experience will come with time, dedication and patience!

  5. It's always good to hear that someone loves spending quality time with their children. Cherish the moments because they do grow up fast.

    As for your sloper, it would be good to have someone help . The love the Palmer Pletsch fit system. I use it all the time. Good luck,

  6. I nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine On award. See my blog for more info.

  7. I just brought home the pants fitting book excellent read. But I don't think I will tackle pants until June sometime...


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