Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring 2014 Simplicity & New Look pattern faves

Hello everyone!

I am still hangin' in there with my plan to sew all of my wardrobe for this year.  I am working on Burda 7625 right now. It really should be done by now, but I am still working on it.  I ran into a snag with the binding on the back part of the top, but I should have that fixed soon.  I know that eventually I will have to speed up my productivity to meet the demand for my spring wardrobe, but for now I am still slow-poke sewing.

The best thing about today, though, is that I noticed that there are some more Spring choices for Simplicity and New Look patterns!!  Yippee!!  I just love browsing through patterns!

Let's start with Simplicity:

This jacket is awesome!!  There is something about each version that I like, but my favorites are the navy one, and the pink one shown in the background to the right.  This will be a good pattern to keep in mind when I begin my quest into jacket sewing.

Peplums!  Now I have a confession to make: I really don't know if I like peplums.  I know they are "all the rage" right now, but I'm not sure if they flatter my body type.  I have seen them on other people, and thought they look amazing, but me...that remains to be seen!  This is a cute top pattern, though.

I liked this pattern as soon as I saw it!!  First, I love all the length variations for the button front shirt (from a long View A to cropped View B).  Second, I like the panels of lace on View D.  I have been seeing lace everywhere this year, and though I have never sewn with it, this is another thing I would like to try.  I also like the extended back piece for that hind coverage!

And my New Look faves:

I am really liking this sheath dress!  The waist crossover bands adds some interest to an otherwise basic pattern, and once again, more of the lace motif. 

This top has a nice oversized shaped.  It looks comfy, yet chic.  It also looks like it would have a nice "flow." The tunic style of View C is a fave, but I'm not sure how Views A and B (the two right center tops) are to be worn. 

How about this jacket?  It stood out to me, though I think it would look better styled with slim-fit pants.  I am always looking for cute ways to accessorize my look, and this jacket would do that.

These button front shirts are also nice.  My favorite is View D (on the bottom model).  I have been seeing similar styles with pin tucks on the front.  I like the pop that the trim gives the shirt, and once again, more hind coverage!!  Since I would like to sew a few button down shirts, this could be a nice one to try!

Overall I am pleased with the spring additions and can't wait to start looking for these picks in the next Simplicity sale.  As much as I like the styled photos, though, I am learning to look intently at the technical drawings too.  It can help uncover some of those "sleeper" patterns that have horrible styling, but turn out to be a gem!!

I hope you enjoyed my picks, and found a few of your own  New Look also had some great kids patterns that I did not include here.  If you would like to see either collection, you can view them here.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You are right about sleeper patterns! Sometime the styling is so dated or just horrible. I find I get sucked into patterns that I previously turned my back on after a blogger makes a fabulous garment.

  2. I usually try to look at the line drawings. I don't know why they make the covers look so...homemade looking. Very few of the covers have made me want to sew the pattern.


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