Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Cake Creation

Hello everyone!

I am still doing everything but sewing.  Though for right now, I love it!  My husband's family (now my own family) visited us last week and we all had a blast!  We went to the arcades, shopped a little, had a BBQ, swam at the pool, and celebrated the birthday of my nephew Savon.

He turned 7, and is an especially creative little one.  He likes music and Superman.  He prefers playing the drums, but he also likes talking on microphones, and playing guitar.  So, since I made my first cake for my little princess' birthday in May, I volunteered to make Savon's cake as well.

His mom and I decided on a guitar since I couldn't find a Superman cake tin anywhere.  Here is a pic of the color scheme:

Let me tell you...I literally decorated this cake in one hour because I was hurrying to get it done so we could all go to the pool!  I say this because it is not a good idea to hurry cake decorating, because you need a steady hand.  But it all worked out!  Though I was in a hurry, I somehow entered this peaceful place while decorating, and here is how the cake turned out:

I followed the same method I used for my daughter's cake, and piped in the frosting instead of using starbursts.  I think it makes the image look more continuous.

Anyhow, the birthday boy loved his cake!

You can always tell someone loves a cake creation when they don't want to cut it.  Well, we finally did cut it, but his mom made sure to get lots of pics beforehand!  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You are so talented!!! That is to pretty to eat.

  2. Cute cute cute cute cute!!!

  3. This is an amazing cake! I can see why Savon was thrilled with it. I've missed a few posts here I see. I like your Burda picks. This is the first magazine I haven't gotten since my subscription ran out. I feel like I am missing out a bit after seeing what the magazine has, but I do have some new Burda envelope patterns I am anxious to try. So hopefully I can stay focused on those. Also, this is way late but, Happy B-lated Birthday!

  4. Vanessa, I didn't know you're a nurse! Can you be my personal nurse??? Thanks for all the detail on the CT scan!! Interesting about the B12 deficiency too. We'll see what happens!
    Also with the "runs" with the drink, when does that typically "hit"? I'm supposed to be in a training class 1-4pm tmw (but not teaching, thnakfully). Am I going to be running out of the room if I start taking the drink at 8:30 with the last bit of drink at 10:30am? Or will it happen before then??


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