Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A lost art?

Hello everyone!

This is a great week to sew!  I am finding that as the summer programming comes on TV, I am less interested, and seeking out more time to sew.  Also, it could be that my hubby did a total clean-up of our sewing room/closet.  He moved things around so I have much more space, so now I see that room "calling" me to come sew whenever I go by it.

The reason I am writing though, is because I was watching The Nate Show yesterday, and he was doing this segment on double-duty furniture for small living spaces.  Basically, furniture that functions as more than one thing in the room in order to optimize the space.  O.K., that sounds good.  I don't really have many spacing issues here in my home, but I thought "hey, I may learn something new."  The third piece of furniture he showed was a sewing cabinet that he re-purposed into a small desk for someone who needs home office space.  For the section where the sewing machine would sit on and lower down, he attached a filing system that can now "hide" away.  Nate commented that "people don't really use sewing cabinets anymore."  He said he sees them at flea markets all over, and that most sewing machines nowadays come without a sewing cabinet.

Is this what we have come to??

Everytime the fact that I sew comes up in conversation, besides people asking me to sew for them, I often hear "Oh, you sew?  Good for you!  Sewing really is a lost art."  To which I think, "A lost art?  Why I know lots of people who sew, and lots of sewing communities and bloggers who sew."  For some reason, the voice of seamstresses the world over is not yet being heard.

Now I am not mad at the Nate show for turning a sewing cabinet into something else more useful for a person living in a small space, but his comment made me think about sewing, in general.  A lost art is only lost if people like us who sew do not pass it on!  And I intend to pass it on!  In fact, I am challenging myself to continue spreading my love for sewing, and I urge you to do the same.  It was teaching my own niece how to sew her first pillow that inspired me to start this blog, and I want to always pay it forward.

So thank you Nate show for your ingenious idea, it prompted an idea of my own!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You are so right. I think there are a lot of sewists out there! I mean, look at Burdastyle, or Craftster especially & you see the younger generation especially throwing things together like it's nothing.

    Maybe sewing cabinets aren't used as much now, but I think there are plenty of us who sew without a cabinet! LOL :)

    (Oh, and Vanessa, I replied to your comment about fabric sheets on my blog) :D

  2. I agree. But here in the UK there are more quilters less of the dressmakers. I think its our responsibility to try and make it kool and exiting again. When I learnt it wasn't fun and just sewing for your own enjoyment wasn't really an option I feel I was given. But my first skirt I ever made I wore for literally years! You can't argue with the results!


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