Monday, June 20, 2011

Early Autumn Simplicity patterns

Hi everyone!

I hope you all found a way to celebrate your "father" this past weekend.  My own father is long-distance so I sent a special card.  As far as my husband goes, I bought a cute picture frame from Kohls that says "I love Dad."    It is something he can keep on his night stand, with a picture of the kids inside of it.

Actually, I had a great weekend!  I spent quality time with my family in a creative way.  You see, whenever we take our kids (ages 2 and 4) to a restaurant, it tends to be a little like a circus.  We are having to say "Sit still." or "Wouldn't you like to color?" or "Let's play a game." Anything to keep them distracted until the food gets there.  For my littlest one, she is the social butterfly who likes to peek her head over the booth and wave at whoever happens to be eating beside us.  And if that doesn't work, she tries to climb over the booth to say hello!

Needless to say, it is a lot of fun, and a lot of stress to take our kids out to eat.  We don't want to be that distracting couple with kids, so we often forgo eating at restaurants in the evening and prefer to go in the early afternoon during a non-busy time.  Well, we got this idea on Sunday to order pick-up at TGI Fridays and have a picnic in the back of our van.  It was brilliant!!  We put a blanket down with a beanbag chair, and my kid's two kiddie sofas.  We brought our drinks and ate and had fun.  We will definitely be doing that again!

OK, now onto the real reason you are reading this post today.  It is time to see what Simplicity has in store for us for Early Autumn!!  For some reason, it seems like I wait and wait (and wait) for the new Spring and Summer patterns come out, but Early Autumn just jumps right out, catching me off-guard.

Here is my favorite:

I saw this and loved it right from the start!  I am talking about the blue dress on the right.  However, the more I looked at it the more I thought it looked vaguely familiar...Oh yeah.....That's where I saw it before...

On Princess Kate!

Yes, an eerily similar resemblance, and now we can all look like Princess Kate (if you want to).  Don't you just love being able to sew?  It makes it easy to knock off a garment for much less than someone else would actually pay for it.

For this next one, I don't need to learn to sew, but I thought it was a cute pattern.  Before sewing S2451 I used to run from any garment with pleats, but after seeing just how flattering pleats can be, I am more willing to consider them in things I sew.  I like the shape of this top, and it looks like a nice basic.

  AAAH, Amazing Fit I love thee!!  The top pictured is a simple basic, but if you look closely at Views A and B, you will see that the variations of this top are quite nice.  As much as I like a pattern that exemplifies a trend, I am that much more of a fan of patterns that are a nice wardrobe staple.

Here is a nice skirt for all of you skirt fans like myself:

View C is particularly interesting with what looks like ruffles used as a trim for the front seam.  I like View E and C without the ruffle.  I think the yoke on this skirt is what draws me in!
Lastly, I leave you with two adorable kiddie patterns...

Overall, I would say there are some nice pieces.  I'm not sure I will be adding to my collection anytime soon, but I do like what Simplicity has put out so far.  If you would like to see the entire collection, see here.  In the meantime, I did get all my weekend sewing goals accomplished with the exception of cutting the fabric.  This dress has a lot of pattern pieces so I had to take a breather.

PS-A lot is 7 pattern pieces to me, though I am not counting the lining. (LOL)  I am so used to 3-4!

Stay sew-filled!

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  1. That pattern made me think of the Duchess of Cambridgershire straight away too! She looked beautiful, but I would feel embarrassed to straight up copy her, especially at my age. Maybe in a different colour...


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