Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Look summer patterns!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend!  I had a great weekend myself!  The hubby and I ended up watching Tyler Perry's newest movie, and it was funny.  Of course, Madea can make almost anyone laugh, so we both figured we would be doing a lot of laughing.  I do miss a lot of the heartfelt messages Tyler usually puts in his movies, though.  This one seemed to gloss over those issues, and focus more on humor.  But, in all, if you want to laugh and have a good time, this movie is a good one to watch.

Ok, now on to the good stuff.  I am on Facebook, and I "like" most all of the pattern companies.  So a few days ago I posted on the New Look wall, asking when we could expect to see the New Look summer patterns.  A day later they responded that the summer catalog had shipped.  I thought to myself "So when will I be able to check out the newest looks online?"  Well, today is the day!!

I checked out Simplicity's website, and all the new patterns were up!

Here are some of my faves:

This is such a pretty dress!  And this is also a new line in the New Look patterns.  I tried to find some information about these new "Workroom" patterns from Project Runway, but did not come up with anything.  This particular pattern has only two views, and I prefer A because it does not have a ruffle, though I do think the ruffle would look good, I'm just not a ruffle person.  I also like how View B's straps wrap around the neck.

I really like how this tunic flows, though I would definitely have to wear something this length with a pair of leggings underneath.  If you look at the dressform, the garment looks pretty bad, but I think it looks much better on the model!

 If you like basics for your wardrobe, this is a basic.  It's a mini dress (A) and tunic (B).  There is nothing special in the design here, but the fabric shines!

And yes, they have the NL Workroom for children also.  This one is adorable!  There are only slight variations to each view, but it is so cute!  I especially love the button detail on the front, because I am a sucker for button detailing on kid's clothing!

I thought this one was nice because you can mix and match the pattern pieces to create your own look.  I kind of do that anyway when I sew, if it's an easy adaptation such as removing the pockets or creating different sleeves, but I would be interested in buying something like this for harder-to-do variations.  Also, I like the maxi dress on here.  Since maxi dresses are starting to resurface, this looks like a good pattern to try.

When I do get back to sewing for my little one again, this is one I'd like to try!  I really like the addition of the star to the dress top and bottom for continuity, and it is just so darn cute!

This last one is a child's dress.  They always get me with the headbands!  I love cute little accessories like that!  My favorite part of this dress is the wrap bodice.  If you look at View C, you can even see a ruffle detail added.

Well, that wraps it up!  I really like New Look patterns and my overall feel for this summer collection is some hits and some misses.  You can view the rest of the collection here.  Let me know what you all think!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I love the New Look collection myself...The tunic is gorgeous! I love the fabric they chose for that pattern....


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