Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fat Quarter Project Revealed!

Thank you for the guesses I had on the "Fat Quarter Project."  Actually, both Mushywear and Janimal were correct in their guesses that the items I was sewing looked like flower petals.  They are!  I made a petal skirt for my daughter!

I found a tutorial for this project online at Kara's Craftastical website.  I just thought the skirt was so adorable that I knew I had to give it a shot.  Besides, I knew I had a bunch of fat quarters stored up, and I wasn't sure what to use them for.  This project was perfect for that purpose!  On the website you can download (for free) a template of the pattern pieces, and the instructions given were not difficult to follow.  For some reason, I ended up using more petals than Kara did, but the skirt still came out great.

While the front of the skirt has a simple waistband, the back has gathers, achieved by sewing a casing for three 1/4" pieces of elastic.  It is a cute effect, and it fits my little one well.  In fact, she will continue to wear this into next year, I am sure.

The only change I made was I decided to only use two tiers for my daughter's skirt because I thought three would be too much for an almost 18 month old.   Also, after I sewed the skirt I realized that she did not have a top to wear with it.


I decided to sew a T-shirt, and add an applique to it.  I used Kwik Sew's Sewing For Toddlers, and sewed a size T1.  I re-used another one of my old maternity shirts, similar to this one for the fabric.  Sadly, the shirt is a little oversized for my little princess.   I really thought it would fit according to the sizing chart, but I was mistaken. So I will be taking in the side seams some for a better fit.

I wish I could say I am 100% happy with the T-shirt.  Don't get me wrong, I love the applique, but I wasn't as pleased with the way I attached the neckband.  I measured everything correctly and made sure the grain of the fabric, and the stretch was right, but I ended up having to pull the neckband quite a bit when sewing, and this caused some puckering.  Other than that, I really like the shirt.  I continue to get good sewing practice, and I will definitely applique again!

Here is the little one wearing her new "outfit:"

Can you say "Vogue!"
Smile for the camera!

Are we done yet?
PS--Sorry about picture quality.  Our camera is MIA, and I had to use my hubby's phone to take pics this week.

Stay sew-filled!



  1. Absolutely adorable. Your princess is so cute in this. What a practical and fashionable use of your fat quarters.

  2. Well baby girl seems to think the outfit is just perfect--puckered or not. Too cute! I think the outfit looks great as well.

  3. The outfit looks great on your little one!

  4. Super-cute outfit. Your daughter is so adorable - she looks so happy in her new clothes!


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