Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No more UFOs: Love Notions Canyon Complete!

Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

I am celebrating today in a special way--I have no more UFOs (unfinished objects) to speak of!!! That alone calls for a DANCE!

I don't know about you, but UFOs had become a part of my nature.  Never mind the reason why I didn't finish the project in the first place,what truly matters is the weight unfinished projects have carried in my mind.  Even though I would surge ahead with the next thing, the nagging of the "left behind" items would linger with me.  And beyond that (go with me for a moment), isn't it better to finish?

Isn't it better to learn the technique I was running away from? Or embrace errors I made along the way, like not choosing the right fabric for my pattern?  How about just knowing when it is time to let go and move on?

This year I am working on FINISHING. It can be a quick finish, a slow finish, an easy finish, or an UGLY finish. The bottom line is, I want to finish. I deserve to see my garments through, until the very end.

For example, as a runner, I have experienced runs where I hit a wall and my feet would not move.  It is then that my will and perseverance would come into play.  I had to push when everything in me was telling me I couldn't.  I had to tell myself that I had the strength to push through, one leg at a time. Left foot, right foot, push, push, push. Why push? To finish. To finish the race I started well--even if that meant crawling across the finish line.

Keep this in mind as I show you my latest completed project, the Love Notions Canyon Cardigan:

This cardigan was a long time in the making! I believe I started it last year in October or so.  I got everything finished except the hem and neckband.  In fact, it was looking pretty good! But, to me, the end results are just ok.  I like the pattern, but there are a few things I would do differently the next time.  Here are the details:

Fabric: Rayon/Lycra Jersey.  In hindsight, it has too much flowiness. I chose it for this reason, but realize that the drape and flow is excessive and unforgiving.  Also, my fabric was NOT a pleasure to work with. It is very stretchy, but the recovery is not as good.

Size: Medium. Again, in hindsight, I would probably look at increasing the size. 

Instructions: I must say, the instructions for the cardigan were phenomenal! I was able to work my way through it with no questions. This is the way I like to work!! I definitely recommend this pattern for all levels of sewers.

Features I like:  I LOVE the little pleat feature on the back.  I also think the waterfall part on the front is adorable, and the way the neckline is sewn on makes it fit perfectly.  

Adjustments: None. 

For now, I have decided on two things:

  1. This isn't my best version for this pattern, so I will revisit this one again in the future-maybe even for late Spring.  I will use a heavier weight knit that is a little more stable, and probably do a full sleeve instead.
  2. I will keep this version to wear around the house. I tend to get cold, so this will be a perfect cardigan to put in my rotation.  

Overall...yes, this one is not what I hoped, but it is FINISHED!  And not only that, I gained such appreciation and knowledge as I worked through it.  I guarantee you, the next version will have me a little more prepared, and a lot more aware.

And that, my friends, is what I LOVE!!!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and stay sew filled!


  1. Congrats! No UFO's is a great goal and achievement. My only reason for UFO's is that they won't fit, so I bag them and move on... but I never forget them and hopefully, they'll fit one day. I love your cardigan, the colour is gorgeous. Well done.

  2. Vanessa, congratulations on completing all of your projects. This is a lovely cardigan. I normally complete everything and it feels.

  3. I took a "vacation" from sewing for about 10 years. When I got back into 3 years ago, I was STUNNED at how many UFOs were in my closet. Clothes that were too small for me to wear, and, seriously, 10 YEARS old??!! So, I decided I would NOT start another project until everything was complete. And, so far, I've kept that promise. What a good feeling!

  4. Congratulations on not have any UFO's! I too do not like the feeling of having UFO's and for that reason, always do my best to finish. I tend to work one project at a time so that helps.

  5. Not having any UFOs is definitely amazing. I have a couple of them. I'd love to get them all finished soon but that probably won't happen. Your cardigan looks really great and the color looks amazing on you. The benefit to completing a project is that you know what adjustments to make next time.

  6. Nice cardigan Vanessa. Just right for Valentine's Day.

  7. I like how it flows actually. And the three quarter sleeve might come in handy in the transition months. Congrats on getting it all wrapped up!

  8. Congrats on finishing the UFO! I personally can't stand having UFOs - it is always at the back of my mind so I have to finish it.

  9. Congrats on no UFOs! I feel like my life is a series of UFO or WIPs. The cardigan is the perfect color on you. I am impressed because I avoid working with thin wonky knits -- you did a great job.

  10. So happy for you :) Love your pretty cardigan and the colour suits you beautifully. I had two UFO's waiting for me to sew them.

  11. YAY!!! I love this. You did a great job. Although I am not a sewer, this appears to definitely be wearable. I love the color as well. I think your statement about UFO's is so representative of life task in general. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation!


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