Monday, January 16, 2017

Spring Ottobre Faves by "Little Bit"

Hello everyone!

We are almost midway though January, and things are in full swing for me! I started sewing my Simple Sew Zoe Dress, but experienced a few hiccups.  Fortunately, I decided to press through. Pressing through involves unpicking a lot of stitches, BUT I am betting on it being worth it in the end.

I am finding that I actually don't mind taking my time with each garment. In fact, I think if this Zoe comes out well, I will likely sew another one! Mostly because I like the style, but also because I like the practice it gives me.

Speaking of multiples, have any of you ever found a RTW top you absolutely loved, and had to have it in more than one color (if more than one color was available, of course).  I am definitely that type of shopper! In fact, I found this gorgeous green sweater at Target, and just had to get one in a burnt orange as well. Maybe that is why sewing multiples doesn't bother me, as long as it is a style I will get a lot of wear out of.

Anyhow, today I thought I would do something a little different. I got the new Spring Ottobre in the mail, and decided that I would do a blog my very own daughter!

Before I get into her favorite picks for the new issue, let me tell you a little about her. She's 7, she's vivacious, and she loves anything to do with fun!! You can find her in bright colors, florals, skirts and dresses--pretty much anything "girly" would sum up her sense of style.  

I asked her to pick out her favorite looks, and tell me why! Here is what she said:

"I like this skirt because it has a strip part in the middle. I like the shirt too because of the strips on the top and bottom [binding]."

"Are those girls twins? I like both of their dresses. The big pockets are really nice!"

"Oh mom! I like that gray dress. I could wear it with leggings and do all the jumping I want in it--just like that girl!"

"Mom this [shortalls] looks super special. Like you can play in it and have lots of fun, but you can look really cute at the same time!"

So, yes, those are all of my daughter's picks, yet I will leave you with some great honorable mentions that I thought were spectacular:

I was super impressed with this gorgeous mint green jacket! The detachable hood is such a cool feature as well.  The Octopus top is also cute, but those JEANS! I LOVE the zippered leg pocket, and the wash of denim they used. It shows all the detailing perfectly. Check out the wave design on the back pockets!

Here is another jacket with superb design details. I am really diggin' the slanted zipper, hood, and pockets placed inside the panels.  And what else do I see? A drop "crauch" pants with lots of room and wearing ease! I have seen this style emerging in RTW for adults, and am not sure if I will be a part of this growing trend yet. It looks really cute here, though.

Overall, I think the Ottobre Spring edition 2017 is a WINNER!  You can check out the additional looks here.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Smart girl! :)

    She's so cute and she's spot on about that overall dress - make that now!!! :) And the shortalls and that adorable swing dress with giant pockets. Such good picks!

    I love that little asymmetric jacket. It is COOL.

  2. Your daughter is too cute!! This issue definitely has a lot of nice designs. Hopefully you'll be able to make a couple of her favorites for her.

  3. This post made me wish I had little girls in my life to sew for - the overall dress gets my vote, too. Very fun!

  4. Your daughter is SOO cute. I love the grey overall dress too... I had one like that I bought in Vegas years ago and now these types of dresses are out I'm thinking of it again. Ottobre kids are such great patterns and I wished I bought some before my son grew out of them.


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