Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking forward to 2016

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!!

There is something about a New Year that puts you in the mind frame of starting fresh. Maybe it even helps to jumpstart your sewing mojo--at least that is what I'd like it to do.

I truly wanted to start sewing again back in August when my kids started school, yet I never guessed how BUSY we would be. All my free time was spent relaxing, and mentally preparing for the next activity--not (unfortunetaly) sewing.

So, I thought about how I could change some things around in my life so that I could make time for something I LOVE.  And this is what I came up with:


  • Sew ONE garment a month.
  • Make sure it is something you like!
Yep! That's it!! 

I am not going to work on developing any particular techniques (for now). And I won't be creating an exhausting list of wardrobe essentials and such. I am just going to sew for fun and enjoyment while I am in this ever-so-busy season of my life. Pure. Simple. And hopefully, effective.

I am sure there may be months where I complete more than one garment, but the goal is only one. 

Happy New Year to all of you! I pray this year brings peace, love, joy, and GOODNESS to all of you!

Stay sew-filled!


Annie Case Hanks said...

I know how life can be busy! The last bit of 2015 I barely sewed or blogged. I am glad to see you're back and look forward to seeing your monthly garments. There is a Facebook group called Make a Garment a Month -- I am a member and that is the whole idea. You should check it out!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it!

Evolution of a Sewing Goddess said...

I love low expectations! There are only so many hours in a day. Good luck!

Summer Flies said...

Hi Vanessa it's great to see you back with a plan. Can't wait to see what you make and some of the Ottobre kids stuff.

L said...

Happy new year Vanessa! It's good to see you back again. I like your "Easy as Pie" sewing plan!

Tomasa said...

I certainly understand how busy life can get and how difficult it is to squeeze in sewing! I look forward to your posts. Happy 2016!

SewCraftyChemist said...

I think that's a really great plan - especially since you are missing your sewing time. Completing 1 garment a month is very doable as small chunks of time really add up. Sew a seam or 2 one day, come back another and sew a couple more...eventually you're all done. :)

Myra said...

I love the selfie shot!! "Easy as pie" plan sounds like a great one and doesn't add a lot of pressure because you can make it anytime during the month! Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations in 2016! Happy new year!