Monday, June 2, 2014

Concert top..unsuccessful, but not a failure

Hello everyone!

I hope your June is starting out well!

I just had an amazing weekend with my family!  It was an amazing weekend for so many reasons; however, there was one small unexpected disappointment.

Do you remember my excitement about making my own concert tunic length top?  Well, it didn't happen.  Let me tell you why:

The short part of the story is I waited too long to start.  I spent all this time planning my daughter's 5th birthday last week that when I looked up, it was already Friday night!!  I tried to get started that evening after the kids got to bed, but I was TIRED!!!  So TIRED from a long week.  So I woke up Saturday morning, and began the process of sewing New Look 6210.  Four hours later, I had a dress that didn't fit!

I cut out a size 10 that was graded to a 14 at the waist, 16 at the hips.  However, even with careful checking, it is still about an inch or so too big at the side seams!  I don't even know how that happened (probably sewing with a deadline).  I think the knit is just slinkier than I imagined, and I was so scared it would be too tight, I didn't think about what would happen if it was too loose.

Here is a pic:

This is not the best picture to see the what I am talking about, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the fabric I used, and binding.  I really like the combination, and think this will be a winner once I work on it some more.  Unfortunately, I have to remove the armhole binding in order to take in the side seams.  I sewed the binding with a narrow zigzag and a short stitch length, so, yeah, this might take me a while to undo.  

This is what I ended up wearing to the concert:

It all worked out well, since most people were not dressed up, but in jeans and T-shirts.  We had great seats too!  We were near the stage floor, just off to the left.  The band Third Day was the main performance, but there were a lot of great Christian artists (Jamie Grace, Need to Breathe, and Royal Tailor).  It was so much fun!

Anyhow, going through all of this ordeal with my concert top made me realize I have to get in gear if I am going to get something sewn for my white affair THIS WEEKEND!!!  I have my pattern picked out (it's a surprise), but still have not found the right fabric.  I am going tomorrow evening to get something. Anyhow, it might be a bit quiet on my blog this week until I can figure out how to pull this off!!  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I think you were dressed right for that concert. I'm a little jealous! We don't get too many Christian concerts here. It seems your area has so many more.

    Your dress is fitting similarly to how my first McCalls 6559 did. But mine didn't have binding, just a narrow hem at the armhole. I think the solution is to just make them small. One my second M6559 I ended up taking 5/8" of the center of the pattern in front and back. That is 2 1/2" total circumference! It could still have more taken out.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the pattern companies could be consistent?

  2. Thanks Annette!

    Wow! 5/8" removal on front and back for a total of 2 1/2"? That sounds about right to me. I could definitely pinch out a good inch on each side in order to get the armholes to fit better! The good thing is, I love this pattern!! I will definitely make more once I get the fit right! My hope is to get this top finished and ready to wear before the end of the month. Thanks for the tip on sizing.

  3. I love the fabric you used for your dress. It looks so great on you already.

  4. I think you should definitely save the dress!

    You looked great for the concert!!

  5. Great fabric! Sounds like the pattern is the issue and not really snything you did. Good luck fixing it! I'm sure it will be great in the end.

  6. It bothers me so much when a pattern doesn't work out and then I am exhausted from sewing so I can't think straight enough to fix it! I love the fabric and hope you get to fix it!

  7. I've learned the hard way to give my self enough time for even the "simplest" of projects. Those little details get me every time! I love the fabric you used and do hope that you are able to work out all the still looked cute though!


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