Friday, June 20, 2014

Burdastyle June/July issue faves

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say I have moved past my sewing funk.  It seems that getting into my sewing room, cleaning everything up, re-organizing past/future projects, and seeing what other inspiring bloggers have created, has helped me tremendously to move forward!  Thank you for your encouraging comments about my failed white dress.  Failures do happen, and I appreciate how supportive you all are.  It helped me to not be so hard on myself--which I can be, at times.


It has been a while since I have covered my Burda faves.  In fact, I have received the May, June, and July translated Burda issues.  There have been a lot of great clothing in each of these, but I was sidetracked with other projects.  I decided to do some catching up, because I will not be renewing my Burdastyle subscription.  It has nothing to do with the wonderful magazine or patterns, and everything to do with me.  I have not sewn a thing from any of my Burda issues since I got them.  And everytime I get a new issue, I see lots of things I want to sew, yet I have not translated that urge to real-life yet.  Until I put the magazines to more usefulness, I plan on purchasing them on an individual basis, for now.  This is just my personal choice, not anything I am suggesting to my blog readers.  But for those of you who love sewing from Burda (or just perusing), here are my faves:


This V-neck dress is a simple silhouette with a twist--at the side seams.  I love the concept, and think it will either be terrible or fabulous!  

This dress is simply gorgeous!  I love the flared panels, and bet it would add a lot of movement to the dress.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love tunics!!  If I could, it would be all I sew, since they are this pear-shaped girl's best friend!  I really like this one, yet it is rated as "intermediate difficulty, for advanced learners."  

Here is another mini-dress featured in the magazine, with similar features of the tunic top (pin tucks):

For plus-size, in this issue:

For some reason, I am always drawn to the styles in the plus-size section.  I think it is because they look so darn good!!  This dress is no exception.  I love the heart-shaped neckline, and the figure-flattering gathering.

Is it a blouse?  Is it a jacket?  It's a blouse jacket!  This is chic, and I love the drawstring that can be used for shaping.


Now this is an easy, breezy top!  This one is rated a quick and easy sew.  If you have a stunning fabric, this would be a great pattern to display it!

This tie-neck top is my favorite of this issue!  I don't know what it would look like on my broad shoulders, but it is a fun, classy look.  Besides, I haven't sewn a top with fun details like this in a while.

Here comes another heart-shaped neckline!  I am sensing a pattern here...This is a cocktail dress that I love.  It has a bustier type top, with a little "swing" from the gathered waist.

Continuing with the heart-shaped theme, let me just say "AAAhhh!  I love this peplum top!!"  Can you believe I do not own any peplum tops?  I am open to sewing one if I can figure out how if it will flatter my body type.  This one, however, is stellar!!

And for plus size:

This is an adorable dress, with great waist definition!!

Va-va-voom!  This is beautiful!  I love the contrast of the embroidered lace and the linen.  The skirt portion is cut on the bias, so it hangs loosely from the waist to the knee.

I hope you found something you liked!  I plan on getting into my neat, clean sewing space, and starting a NEW project!!  Yay!!  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I totally understand what you mean about not renewing your Burda subscription. I think I will probably just buy the ones that really speak to me... I too love the peplum in this issue..

    1. Yes! That peplum is awesome! I definitely plan on making a few things from Burda magazine before the year is out.

  2. I don't subscribe either...instead I just call up GLP when I decide I *MUST* have an issue.

    I LOVE everything in the Plus size section for July.

  3. That's a good idea Nakisha. I will be doing the same thing from here on out. And yes, the Plus size section is fabulous!

  4. I've been thinking of subscribing to Burda. I should probably try a few issues first. I'm glad you got your sewjo back. I love the v-neck dress in the June issue.

  5. A trial issue is definitely the way to go, if you are thinking of subscribing. You can subscribe for 3 months before you need to renew. Keep in mind the instructions for Burda have little photos, if any. That can be a challenge if you want to sew something that is more advanced. There is a tutorial for one pattern of Burda's choice in each magazine, but it usually ends up being a pattern I do not want to sew. They also have a Burda Easy magazine. This one comes out less times a year (I think only twice). It has much more visual diagrams, and is nice and easy to follow along with. It just doesn't include many patterns, like the Burdastyle.

    I consider myself an advanced beginner, and I have sewn a Burda pattern. It took a little more time and studying, but I got everything to come together. I think you could do it too! Just keep those things in mind while making your decision.

  6. I have never sewn a Burda pattern. I page through and see lots of people rave about the patterns. But I have yet to purchase a magazine. I am a little intimidated because my 'to-sew' list is long enough and having a magazine with more patterns would put more pressure to try new things. I put way to much pressure on myself....

  7. Yes, Anne, I know what you mean! I put too much pressure on myself too. And, my list of "to-sew" items is long and laughable--I know there are things I will never get to!


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