Friday, May 4, 2012

New Look summer 2012 patterns

It's been a while since I've reviewed some of the newer patterns that have come out, so when I received an email about New Look's summer patterns being posted on their website, I thought I'd jump at the chance to see what was new.

The funny thing is, I was at Joann's on Wednesday and only mildly noticed these same summer patterns.  I remember thinking "Oh, lookie here, a new catalog," but I was too busy looking for other particular patterns that I skimmed over all the new offerings.  Now I'm kicking myself in the butt because they had some really nice patterns this time around.

Let's take a look...

Ok, I am loving this dress!! It doesn't look like it would be that difficult to sew, and the waist accent and tie is so pretty.  I would love to try this pattern with a silk fabric, since I haven't worked with it before.

I do remember seeing this pattern on Wednesday.  I am a fan of all versions except Version B.  Version C is my favorite, though I don't think I would wear it so low-cut (or maybe with a cami underneath).  Anyhow, I only have one maxi dress, and would love to have more, so this seems like a great pattern to get started with.

This dress is practically perfect in every way!!  I think all of the versions are adorable, and I love the flowiness of the sleeve.  Version A looks like they took a wrap top and fused it with an A-line skirt!  How'e that for combining separates?

This top has romantic style.  Version B and C are my favorites, and yes, I even like the ruffle on version C.  

Those are all my picks for adult clothing.   There are also some really cute kids patterns, though:

This dress is darling!  I can see my little girl running around in it, smiling!  She has really taken to wearing dresses, and I think she would like the style of this one.

And what about this one?  That is the most interesting hem I've seen in a while, but I strangely like it.  You can definitely get away with a lot more when you are dressing children.

That's all for now.  If you are interested in viewing the whole summer line, you can see it here.  

I am not sure yet what I will be working on for the next week.  I really wanted to do a month of tops, but now I'm thinking of a dress instead.  Also, I was disappointed by the fabric prices at Joann's on Wednesday, so I plan on going back after the 5th to use my coupons for a few fabrics that I thought were pretty.  I'll be using most of this weekend to get my thoughts in order and figure out what I'm going to sew.

In the meantime, have a wonderfully blessed weekend, and enjoy yourself.  I will be back next week with a plan = ).

Stay sew-filled!!


  1. oooh! there are some great ones there, esp the "just 4 knits" and the one with the flares. :) gosh joann's might be in my future, not that i need another pattern.... :)

  2. Love the third one down 6123. Sooo pretty

  3. Wow there are some great pics here! I'm getting at least three of them!

  4. I love your picks Vanessa, and I agree with Sassy T. I love 6123...


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