Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now you know!

I am FINALLY feeling better!

Whatever I had, it lasted most of last week, so I didn't even try to attempt any sewing, let alone look at any future projects.  I did happily see what is going on in blogland, and that made me feel a little bit better about the sickness slump I was in.

OK, so the rest of the truth is...I've been on vacation with my family!  We went out of town to see my family in Savannah, and celebrate my son's 4th birthday!  It was a blast!  My son wanted to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese, so we obliged...

Now, if you have children, you know how many times you end up at Chuck E. Cheese, so I was not particularly thrilled to be going there again, but the day proved to be wonderful!  It was a Friday morning, not too busy at all, and a great day to enjoy another beautiful year with my blessing of a son.

As a matter of fact, I told him "Honey, today we are celebrating you!" He replied "No Mommy, I'm going to celebrate you."  Awww, his words made me tear up a little, because, in a way, he is right.  His birthday is about him, but without me to go through all I went through, he would not be here!

That also makes me think of my dad, who gives my mom roses on each one of us "kids" birthday.  It is sweet that he celebrates my mom in that way!

Anyhow, after we left Chuck E. Cheese, we went back to the house for cake, ice cream, and presents.  And what a cake it was!

That's right!  My son's favorite character: Spongebob Squarepants!  It was a yummy cake too!  My mom ordered it from a co-worker of hers, and the cake consisted of three layers: two chocolate, and one vanilla.  My son is a chocolate-loving little boy, so he really liked it.  He was mostly surprised that a cake could look like Spongebob, as he kept saying "Oh my gosh, it's Spongebob!"

Here's a photo of my niece (on the left) with my daughter (as a mom with two kids, you learn to be "fair"):

We really had such a great time with my parents in Savannah, that we didn't want to leave, but we had to be in Orlando last Saturday for my husband's job.  So we left Savannah, and made it to Orlando, but didn't really expect to do much but stay in a hotel and leave the next day...

Well, God certainly had other plans...

It has been a desire of ours to go to Disney World, and we really thought we would go this year, but we had a minor economic setback (if you will).  Well, it turns out that one of my husband's co-worker's wife (what a mouthful) works for Disney, and he was able to get the three of us in FOR FREE!  So our first visit to Disney is one I will never forget!  We went to Magic Kingdom and the kids had a ball!  I think we couldn't have planned our son's 4th birthday any better than the way God did!

That was our amazing weekend, and now I am back, feeling refreshed, and ready to SEW!

I plan on working on my daughter's skirt this evening, and I have something I am awaiting in the mail.

I hope everyone is doing well!  Even if you are not, this post just goes to show that there is sunshine around the corner!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. What an amazing Disney trip! It sure sounds like you guys had a great time and deserved a break too. The last time I went to Chuck E Cheese was when I was a kid myself. I remember loving it. My sister and I always requested it for our birthdays!

  2. So glad you're feeling better!! And what an exciting trip! I can't wait to take my little one's to Disney. :)

  3. What a fabulous story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your children are really beautiful and it sounds like your son has a really generous heart.

  4. What a wonderful vacation - it looks like you had a lot of fun. Your children are adorable!

  5. Gosh, what a neat trip you just had! and so glad you are feeling better. I just love seeing the family pics and that Spongebob cake was pretty amazing. My boys would have loved that too. So very cool you got to visit Disney World so unexpectedly. Awesome!

  6. How wonderful! I'm so glad that your first trip to Disney will be such a memorable trip. :)


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