Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, try again!

Has anyone ever sewn a garment, and been extremely pleased with the results when they finished?  Now, of those of you that were pleased, were you just as pleased when you went to try the garment on?

I only ask because of the results I had after sewing the paneled skirt for my daughter.  The skirt turned out beautifully!  I used my serger to finish most all of the seams, and it looked great inside and out:

However, when I went to put the finished skirt on my little one, it would NOT fit over her thighs!  LOL!  I mean, how many pear-shaped women such as myself can relate to this issue when putting on garments?  It's a shame to think the problem could start out so early!

Anyhow, I will be keeping this skirt cause it is just so darn cute, and I left out the elastic in the waistband, in case a situation comes about where a baby girl is in need of a cute little skirt.  Also, I will be making this skirt again, with a slightly larger waistband, but I am not sure when.

In the meantime,  I ordered this late last week and got it in the mail yesterday:

YAY! Ottobre design magazine!  This magazine is much like the Burda sewing magazine, but it has designs for children only.  I was super excited to get this issue in the mail, with the exception of one thing--it's not the issue I ordered!  I actually ordered the fall issue, and there was some sort of snafu.  Not that I didn't like the issue, it just wasn't what I ordered.  So...I called Wooly Thread (which is where I ordered it from) and the representative there was so nice.  She is sending out the correct issue,and said I could keep the winter issue!  Awesome!  Now that is customer service!

BTW, the Wooly Thread website has very reasonable prices for Ottobre, and you can even subscribe there, which I may consider doing after I test out some of the patterns in this book!

Here are some of the styles I liked:

I am especially interested in this Pinafore dress!  I saw it and knew it would be a perfect first project.  Also, it is not rated as difficult as some of the other things in the magazine. (They are rated between 1-3 circles.  This one is rated 1 circle.)

The instructions read well for the designs, my only hesitation is the fact that there are no step-by-step pictures.  That may not be a good thing for me, but we shall see = ).  There are a few pages that have more detailed pictures to address techniques that may need for explanation, but most of the instructions have one or no illustration to accompany it.  Like I said, this is a trial, so I will see how it goes...

These PJs are also cute.  My son was saying he wanted me to make him some more PJs, so this may be a good option.

This last one is the cutesie flower pants shown on the little girl in the top middle picture.  They are slim-fitting pants that I know will look cute once I get the fit right.

I will let you know how things are coming along once I get started on these patterns.  I do eventually plan to sew something for myself, in case you were wondering, though right now I am still into kiddie things.  

Stay sew-filled!

For anyone who has any experience/tips in sewing Ottobre patterns, your thoughts and ideas are welcome!


  1. Darn that pear shape! I soooo know what you mean too :) Your skirt is beautiful though.

  2. Love that skirt!! Shame about the pear shape...I can relate. My baby girl is probably destined to have her mama's thighs.
    As for Ottobre, I'm glad you posted. I've been toying with the idea of subscribing to both their women's & children's magazines. Maybe I'll order a couple to have a look-see first.

  3. that is a super cute skirt!
    are you going to do the pj sewalong this weekend at the gorgeous things blog??

  4. The skirt is goergeous... to bad it doesn't fit! It did happen to me, and it was so frustrating!
    about Ottobre... I have several issues, and I love them all... but I found ot that when in need of a child pattern I usually prefer patterns with more detailed instructions. Still, I did manage some patterns from there, and I love them all! Good Luck!

  5. That little skirt looks perfect in every way. Gosh darn that it doesn't fit!

  6. Super adorable skirt. I'm sure you'll find a use for it in the future. I hope you have good luck with Ottobre. They have the cutest kids clothes. I haven't gotten a magazine yet, but I sure do like all the outfits I've seen made up. I think you are on the right track starting with a one circle pattern first. Have fun with it and I'll look forward to seeing your first project.

  7. I just subscribed to Ottobre and got that same issue. Very cute stuff but the lack of instructions is a bit intimidating to me. There is a yahoo group for Ottobre that I joined so if I get stuck I have people to ask. You should join!
    Also, the Atlanta sewing guild group has lots of members who sew from Ottobre (that's where I heard about it). If you really get into sewing clothing, the local guild has some very helpful ladies.
    Good luck with your first Ottobre!

  8. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!

    Kyle-I am not sure if I will be sewing along, this is the first I have heard of it. But I'll at least check out the blog.

    Janimal-The Yahoo sewing group sounds great, I'll check it out! The Atlanta sewing guild seems like a great place to meet other sewing enthusiasts, thanks!


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