Monday, September 27, 2010

Pajama fun

I am a big fan of challenges.  They motivate me to push myself further than I thought I could go, and that can be all that is needed to get me moving in the right direction. steps the kids clothes week challenge.  It started Sept. 20th-26th, and the goal was to sew one hour a day on a kids' clothing project.  Now, I will say that I had already started some pajamas for my son, but this challenge gave me the push I needed to make the time to finish what I started.

The pajamas I worked on are from Simplicity 2734 (it's so easy). The sizing is for toddlers, and I sewed a size 2.  The top is a V-neck made in a cotton double knit, and the bottom is cotton flannel.

My son picked out both of these fabrics, and I think he did an awesome job!  The knit is from Joanns, and the flannel is a high quality fabric that I received from Fat Quarter Shop, after winning a giveaway on Crafty Gemini's blog a couple of months ago. The flannel is oh-so-soft, and is in a cute teddy bear print.  I didn't know how much of a difference high quality fabric makes--both in your wallet, and in the way the fabric feels and performs.

Here is the completed outfit on my little man.  I did make a few alterations, though the next time around I will have to make a few more.  The pants turned out perfect.  He even has a little room to grow!  However, the shirt is a tad short.  It just skims over the top of the pants, and I would like it to be a little bit longer.  The thing is, I added 1.5 inches to the sleeves and the top because my son is so tall.  I didn't realize more length was needed.  I still think it is adorable, though, and the important thing is he likes it!

As far as critiquing this pattern goes, it is a really good one!  I like it because I can use this style for my son now, and my daughter in a few years.  The instructions are super easy, and the results are great.  I must say I had a little difficulty with the V-neck, but if you just use your thread marking as a guide, it is easy.  

I also had some trouble with putting on the sleeves (this was my first time EVER, can you believe that?) but I found an amazing tutorial about sleeves on Threads magazine's Teach Yourself to Sew series.  Basically, I used the flat method to sew each sleeve on, and found an extremely helpful tip from Nancy Zieman to use the erasers on the ends of two pencils to stretch the fabric horizontally as you sew.  That worked wonders!

I absolutely love how ready-to-wear this looks!  

Just for fun I made a pair of shorts out of the same fabric.  I just used a pair of my son's shorts as a guideline for the hem.  In this photo he has on one of his own T-shirts.  This is something he can wear for a short time, as it is starting to get cooler here.

And with that, I completed my kid's clothing week sewing challenge!  Though I am finished with this challenge, I intend to stick with a nightly routine of sewing for at least one hour.  Up next I thought I would try some re-purposing!  That seems to be all the rage right now, and I have plenty of things that can be re-purposed!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. So cute!! Great job! How old is your little guy? He looks great in his jammies!
    By the way, I noticed that you don't seem to be intimidated by knits. I haven't ventured to use them yet, but plan to very, very soon. Any pointers? How'd you get comfortable with them?

  2. Your son is so adorable, and his jammies look great! You can tell he is so happy with them. I love making pj's for my boys. We'll get lots of practice. They outgrow them so fast! Great job with your knit top too.

  3. Thank you for the kind comments!

    Jenna, my son is 3, will be 4 in November. He is the best little helper a mom could ask for!

    As far as sewing knits goes, I used to be intimidated too! Here are my pointers:

    1. Be careful when cutting out your pattern pieces, that you do not stretch the knit and distort your pieces.

    2. Use a walking foot, or even feed foot while sewing. This is my BEST tip! Without one, the knit feeds unevenly into the machine, and there is more of a learning curve to figure out how to sew it properly.

    3. Most sewing machines have stretch stitches you can use. If you have it, I recommend them. If not, a zigzag is fine. For topstitching I use a straight stitch. I have seen others use twin needles for a more RTW look.

    Once you get the hang of it I know you will love sewing knits like I do!

  4. I love the pajamas, they look great!!! Your son is quite handsome:)

  5. BTW, I'm happy I discovered your blog:) I look forward to following along with your sewing adventures:)

  6. Wonderful pajamas! Your little guy is so handsome!

  7. Nice work! He looks thrilled with them. :)


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