Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simplicity 2364

Happy Thursday!

Well, I hope at least most of you are having a happy Thursday.  I am having a great day today because I finally finished my knit top that I have been working on.  For some reason, I kept having trouble with the gathering.  Yes, gathering!  It seems like such a small thing to get hung up on, but I did.  My gathers would not stay so I had to consult my sewing manual to see what I was doing wrong.  The answer was in securing my gathering threads. Needless to say, since I had to learn that after the fact, I spent a great deal of time removing threads.

Here is a reminder of Simplicity 2364...

I made View D, which is on the first column, second row, first photo on the left.  I chose this one because I didn't have much fabric left over from my dress in the last post.

So this is leopard print, part 2 for me, and I am really glad that I decided to use up the rest of this fabric!  The shirt fits nicely, and is also as comfy as the dress.  I did not have a hard time with the directions at all, even though they were not marked "easy" as most of the patterns I buy are.  As a matter of fact, most sewists could  put this one together in one night if they are determined to do so, because there isn't anything really complicated to it.

My only change to the top was to leave out the facings (I didn't have enough fabric anyway).

The top I made is definitely more casual, but I could definitely see this style of top with a dressier vibe using a different choice of fabric.  Mushywear made her version of this same shirt, and it turned out beautiful!  Check out her shirt here.

I must say, when I put this shirt on I felt a lot like a cave woman.  Albeit, a nicely dressed cave woman, but a cave woman nonetheless!!  Maybe I was channeling baby Pebbles from the Flintstones...

At any rate, I really enjoyed sewing this shirt, and I will definitely sew it again.  There is even a long-sleeved version for cooler weather, so that will be a nice one to try.  

I never imagined that I could be sewing my own clothes and loving it!  I now have two handmade pieces in my closet, and I want to wear those more than clothing that I buy!  

I hope all of you are working on projects that make your own heart sing.  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Wow Vanessa, what a stunning top! The one shoulder style and that fabulous leopard print is definitely a winning combination. Your heart should really be singing :)

  2. Great job on your top! Tyna

  3. Love the top it looks great! But I hate gathers--don't understand what the problem is but I can never get them properly distributed. Sewing them in without a mess is another problem. I know to tie the threads at one end but I always get movement when sewing and end up with more at one spot than should be there. And often, I get a freakin' pleat mashed down and sewn in. Ah, did I mention I hate gathers :)

  4. This is one hot top! I can't tell anything from the gathers. It looks great!

  5. Great job on your top. I would definitely have fun wearing it in that print too. So sweet of you to mention my version, thank-you! I am looking forward to seeing more of your sewing projects and interests in the future.

  6. Your top turned out so nice. Very chic.


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