Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey everyone!

I am still working on Simplicity 2892 for the time being.  For some reason, if I have a lot of pieces to work with, I tend to get intimidated and pull back a little.  I am sure once I get started, things will come together.  If I am intimidated now, what will I do when I commit to a serious project like a jacket or coat?  BTW, I may just try a jacket this fall.  I have been thinking and planning out a fall wardrobe and a jacket seems like just the thing to attempt.  We'll just have to see, right?

So here is where I am in terms of my shirt:

I usually get excited at this stage in the game because I know all of the cutting and marking and laying out pattern pieces is behind me (unless I made a mistake).  I know I can move on to sewing, and perfecting fit, which I prefer.  The fabric I am using is 100% cotton that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  It is another print, which I also prefer.  I find that I like to sew prints a lot more than solid colors.

Sorry about the shadow, but I think you get the picture = ).  A lot of people from PR have had a lot of success with this pattern, so I hope I have the same.

On another note, I recently had the pleasure of ordering Swedish tracing paper from Amazon, and I am forever sold on it!  It has so many practical uses for sewing; however, the main function of which is to preserve your patterns and allow you to make alterations on the tracing paper, giving you a workable master pattern that you can use again and again!

Here are some of the cool things about Swedish tracing paper:

1. You can use it to trace Kwik Sew patterns that come in the Kwik Sew books, such as Sewing for Children

2. This can be used as a muslin, because it is soft and sewable.  Therefore, you can perfect the fit of your pattern by basting your pieces together, making changes, then removing your basting stitches.  Everything remains intact for the next time you sew the pattern.

3. Some libraries now carry newly-released sewing books with the patterns inside!   I found Anna Marie Horner's book Handmade Beginnings 24 sewing projects to Welcome baby, and it has many adorable baby things inside.  Tracing paper allows you to "try before you buy."  You can determine if you will really like a particular sewing book and its projects, before you shell out your money and discover that it was not worth it!

4. It is also a good solution for sewing for children, because kids grow, and you can use the same patterns over and over again.  You can sew as they grow!

Here it is rolled out so you get an idea of the how the material looks.  I have also heard good things about similar products to this, such as Pattern Ease.  Either way, this is great stuff, and it works well!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Cute pattern you chose. Which version are you making? My UFO is still upstairs waiting for me to return to the sewing room. I have something else in the fire right now so no sewing. Let me know if you learn the secret to doing the yoke when you stitch it down on the inside. This is where I have stopped pn my shirt. I think I have sewn it down about 3 times in an attempt to get it right.

  2. I'm sewing View D. I should get to the yoke tonight, so we'll see how it goes. I'll let you know...


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