Thursday, September 15, 2016

Squeaking in some summer shorts!

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a finished project! Do you remember the shorts I was sewing for my daughter?

These are the "Perfect Summer" shorts from Ottobre design 3-2016 (summer) issue! As soon as my daughter saw these, she wanted me to make a pair. Even though I have sewn tops and dresses for her, I have never attempted any pants or shorts. However, I figured that Ottobre's marvelous fit would work to my advantage, and it did!

Pattern Details

I used a floral poplin for this pattern that my sweet girl picked out herself. For an accent fabric, she chose white cotton fabric from the stash.  I sewed a size 128, which lines up with my daughter's measurements almost flawlessly, except for the waist.  

The pattern comes together quite easily, especially if you have sewn pants before. I love the method used to attach the short front and back pieces.  Also, there is some nice topstitching, and a mock fly front that you unfortunetaly can't see due to the fabric design. My only issue with this pattern was the waistband.

Now, I have sewn a waistband before, but this technique was new to me, and I did NOT like it. I kept having to undo my stitching and start again. It wasn't a particularly difficult method, I just felt that eth steps they had you take made the construction process harder and not easier. So, if I make these shorts again I will not use their method. 

Other than that, I enjoyed sewing this pattern! It is really cute!

My only adjustment was to add an inch of length to these. I didn't want them to end up being too short on my daughter. For the inside, I serged as many seams as I could, as well as the pocket bags. 

The back pockets were a big topic of discussion among me, my son, and my hubby. Apparently, the "boys" didn't think that the pockets matched, and that they stood out too much. But to us "girls" that is what makes these shorts more fun!!!! I mean, no one is going to have a pair of shorts like these, with the same style as my sweet girl.  That's the whole point of sewing them!!  I wanted them to be a reflection of her taste, and they are.

Overall, I highly recommend this pattern! If the seasons were not about to change, I would definitely invest in sewing a lot more. In fact, my daughter wore these to school right away before these got packed away, lol!

Update on Sew 30

Many of you know I am participating in the Sew for 30 minutes a day challenge for this month. I can't say that I have made it everyday, but I can say that I have done it MOST days. So, let's just say about three to four times a week.  It really makes a difference too!  I would not have finished this project without the Sew 30 challenge. It is such a manageable block of time that most days I reach my goal.


I'm off to my next project!! Wish me luck!

I decided to give the Canyon Cardigan a try! I have already printed it out in my size. Now to choose the fabric and get going.  Maybe watching Project Runway tonight will give me a little EXTRA inspiration!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Awwwww, perfect little shorts for a beautiful little lady! (She's adorable too!). I think they turned out wonderful and I bet she wants more of them too! Also, I never heard of the Canyon Cardigan and am really interested. I can't wait to see how yours turns out because this is my favorite style of cardi!! Good luck!

  2. Love those shorts and your little precious is a good model. Yes hoped you watch PR tonight b/c one of our own is representing Shreveport, LA, yea!!!! shameless plug. :)

  3. How perfect are these little shorts for your little lady! I've never heard of the Canyon Cardigan, but I look forward to reading your review.

  4. Very lovely shorts! She looks so cute! I'm sure you can use the pattern and lengthen them for the winter season. I can't wait to see how the cardigan comes out.

  5. Those shorts are just darling and it helps that you have the cutest little model!

  6. Your daughter knows how to model her new shorts! :)

  7. Oh so cute. Octobre have such great kids patterns. I'm impressed with you making things with a new baby and two other children. The 30 min a day is a great idea.


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