Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ready, set, quilt!

Hi everyone!

I hope you week is going well!  I had a great weekend of shopping for quilting materials at Joann's.  They had a big sale going on called their "Daffodil Dash," and a lot of their items were discounted between 30-50% off.  The notions wall was 50% off, as well as the entire selection of thread.  Mccall's patterns were 99 cents (though I have couldn't find one to squeeze into my collection), and the sale is still going on until April 21st if you need to take advantage.  I usually take the opportunity to stock up on thread and needles since I have been sewing a lot more recently.

Anyhow, so I started my Sunday morning at Joann's, and it was relaxing.  I usually bring coffee and a snack and just take my time.  My hubby is always sweet enough to watch the kids, and allow me to shop unhindered by constant inquiries, or calls of "Mommy!"  I went with the purpose of finding all the things I would need to finish the baby lattice quilt I have set up on my sewing table, though I ended up leaving with everything but a suitable color for the binding.

This quilt calls for "sashing fabric," which are the strips of fabric sewn around the quilt blocks (I'm learning all this).  I found a beautiful carnation pink that went perfectly with the Ooh La La quilt blocks I already purchased and had with me.

After searching a while longer, I finally found a backing fabric that tied all the colors in well, and added a little pop of prettiness.  It is a floral-themed print:

I also bought some Warm n' Natural batting, which I won't show you, because you have probably seen batting before, and you are not missing much if you haven't.  Anyhow, you put it all together, and it looks like this:

I had the hardest time finding anymore fat quarters to match my theme, until I happened on the beige-colored ones you see pictured on the right.  Depending on how quickly things move, I may attempt some embroidery, as I have been inspired by some of the things I have seen Jenna from Sophisticated Seams do.  But I am not making any promises!

Also, last week I did pick up another Simplicity pattern when they went on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I really wanted to buy some patterns for the kids, but the more I looked at what Simplicity offered, I figured I would rather stick with Ottobre.  Maybe I could even hint around to my hubby about getting an Ottobre subscription for my birthday in June...  Anyhow, it is a blouse:

I like that it is a basic blouse with simple features.  I also like that it is part of the Amazing Fit series, and it would be another "first" for me to sew.  I have been standoffish when it comes to doing buttonholes, but I think my daughter's Easter dress helped me to conquer that squeamishness.

So now begins the work of cutting and sewing the quilt!!  I'm a little nervous, but mostly nervous that I'll make a mistake with my measurements.  I get easily distracted sometimes while sewing, so I have to make sure that doesn't happen.

I'll check back in later this week to let you see my progress!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post Vanessa! I am so excited about moving back stateside to enjoy those awesome fabric sales lol...I can't wait to the quilt and the blouse, love it!


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