Friday, March 9, 2012

Boxer briefs for little boys

Hello everyone!

I am back with a finished project!  I know, I know, you probably didn't expect me to say that, but it is true!

In my last post I told you I would be sewing, and I was, only to come down with bronchitis.  So the beginning of the week I was mostly resting and trying to figure out how to handle two active children.  However, everything worked out, and I was still able to come up with a sewing project to get me going in the right direction again.

It all started a little over a week ago when I noticed my son was outgrowing his underwear.  He is 5 years old now, and takes after his tall daddy : ).  Well, seeing his "too small" underwear made me think back to a wonderful project I tried a little over a year ago...

Yes!  The Pikummies boxer-briefs I made from the Ottobre 06/2010 issue!

They were quick, easy, and fit my son amazingly well!

I dug out the magazine and re-traced the pattern for a size 110, and ended up with these:

The fabric is from some leftover cotton knit I had when I made an outfit for my friend's baby.  I had it sitting in my sewing room,and while cleaning out my space, I discovered it, and knew it would be perfect for underwear!  

I didn't have many issues sewing it together.  My only tip for sewing these boxer briefs is to note that the pattern pieces don't have a precise "fit" like most patterns.  You have to maneuver them a bit, but I'm sure that's because of the way it fits the body.  And it fits my son like a glove!  

There is another special part to these underwear:

Do you see it?  I included my "Sweet Ness" clothing label on the back of the boxers!  Here's a closer look...

I sewed the label down with brown thread because I was too lazy to change it to white, but I still think it looks okay.  For the rest of the topstitching I used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine because I didn't have a twin needle available.  It worked just fine, and I would use it again.

So...I bet you're thinking it doesn't make sense to only sew one pair of underwear when my son clearly needs more than one.  Well, you are right!  That's why I sewed a total of three!

It's a start, anyhow!  My son is pretty excited about his new undies, and plans on wearing them for the first time when he goes to bed this evening.

And I have enjoyed getting my sewing groove back!  Up next, I plan on sewing some underwear for my little princess from the same Ottobre 06/2010 collection.  They will be in happy bright colors, so stay tuned for those!  I pray everyone is having a super week, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Stay sew-filled!


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