Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A great sew-along and more progress photos...

Hello everyone!

In my last post I told you I was still getting some sewing done even though my daughter was out of school sick. Well, on that Friday my daughter and son traded places, and he was the one home sick.  I have still managed to "make" time to sew, but I tell you, I still have a few things left to do in finishing up the Burda boys trouser.

For some reason, I think I am a relatively slow sewer.  I don't know if a lot of you fall in that same category, but I definitely do.  I tend to take my time, and (especially with this particular project) I make silly mistakes that set me back because I need to undo my stitches.  It's ok, I've come to terms with it, but it doesn't make things as exciting for you all to have to wait for me to finish a project, does it?  Well thanks again for hanging in there with me!!

And speaking of all of you, I am always trying to be aware that not everyone is on the same sewing level.  While I am an intermediate beginner, some of you reading may be more advanced, or even still, some of you may be just starting out like I was a little over a year ago.  I clearly remember the beginning of my journey into sewing, and having a passion to sew, but not really the skill set.  I took a few classes that helped, but I really wanted to learn more independently in an easy step-by-step manner.

There is a way to do that!  For anyone interested, I came across this wonderful woman on Facebook who has a great site dedicated to teaching others to sew, and displaying the items she has finished.  You can check out the Sewing-ista here.

She is currently hosting a sew-along for this New Look pattern:

This is a cute top!  The Sewing-ista is making View B, but she encourages you to make a different style if you would like.  However, if you are a total beginner, and you need a little hand holding (I did) I would go with View B.  She has a photo tutorial up with audio included!!  

I will not be doing this sew-along anytime soon, though, because otherwise I will never finish my Burda boy's trouser, but I do like this style of top, and I am filing it in my memory for possible future construction.  Also, I am not affiliated with the Sewing-ista, just an avid follower of hers on Facebook.  I just thought I'd pass along a great resource for anyone wanting a little help.  Here is the photo tutorial link for the New Look pattern.  You'll see on this link that she (Colleen) also has some helpful Youtube videos.

Anyhow, speaking of finishing my Burda boy's trousers, I have some more in-progress photos to show you!

Anything missing here?

Or here?

If you guessed a waistband, then you are right!  I still have to attach the waistband and belt loops.  In fact, my little prince may end up wearing these pants with a belt because they were a little loose around his waist when he put them on.

Other than that, I had to do some hunting for those mysterious rivets I posted about last time.  I went to Joann's and found some, but they were too expensive for my liking.  I tried Hobby Lobby, but no luck there.  And Walmart had one or two options that didn't specifically say they were jeans rivets but I thought would work, except I decided in the end that they were too cheap-looking and I didn't want to put all this hard work into a nice pair of pants to have them look cheap.


I ordered some online through

They come with a cute star on them, and they have the tool needed to place them (at Joanns you had to purchase it separately) for a reasonable price and no shipping charge.  I really, really, really hope they work out.  I'll find out soon, as they are supposed to be here either today or tomorrow.

Other than that, I am making my way to the finish line!!  I mean, you cannot understand how I want to finish these pants!!  It's been a great project, but it has also been a lengthy one.  I keep reminding myself to be patient so I don't make anymore mistakes and have another setback.  I will definitely be doing a comprehensive review of the Burda boy's trouser when I finish!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. You're making great progress on those trousers and they look really nice! Hope to see the wee-one modeling them!

  2. The trousers look really cute!! I am a slow sewer as well. I can never seem to crank something out quickly, I am always unpicking and making silly mistakes. Thanks for the link ups.

  3. The pants are turning out nicely and those rivets are adorable with the stars on them!
    Wishing your little ones good health!


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