Aspirations for 2017

  • Use what I have! I never fully avail myself to the sewing resources I already own: Burda, Ottobre, My Image, and Sew Now magazines, Sewing books with patterns inside, and patterns from the Big 4 (WHEW, that's a lot!)  COMPLETED SO FAR: Simple Zoe Tunic, Burda 117A
  • Sew something for my kids every couple of months. They love it, and so do I! COMPLETED SO FAR: Ottobre Minnie Overall Dress
  • Sew for my husband! He has expressed his desire for ties, and maybe a vest or shirt.  I avoid his requests at times because he is picky!! But, certainly starting small wouldn't be bad.
  • Sew for life events. This year has a few special times that I would like to create something for. My brother is getting married in October. I will definitely need a nice formal dress for then. Also, I used to sew my daughter an Easter dress. That would be nice to do again. I also would love to sew some items for our holiday photo in December, and possibly my birthday in June. COMPLETED SO FAR: Burda 117A
  • Finish at least four of my Craftsy classes! Again, I have a lot of great resources, including some Craftsy classes I have piled up from sales over last year. It is time to get movin'!
  • Copy RTW styles I love! I don't know how many times I have seen a style in the store that I knew I could recreate at home, with a better fit.  
  • Enter a Patternreview contest. I participated in one, and submitted a cute top and legging set I sewed for my niece, but I haven't entered one since. It would be fun, and there are lots of different themes.
  • Draft a pair of pants. If you remember, I have a Craftsy class for that, and am really interested in learning basic drafting techniques for sewing.
There are also some garments I would like to create this year:


Button down shirt
Dress pants
Cargo pants

Bermuda Shorts

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Kay said...

All fantastic goals!! I can so relate to "Use what I have". Over the years, I've collected enough resources to use that I'll never run out of patterns or books or classes! Time to put them to good use.